Monday, December 31, 2018

Final post of 2018

Surprisingly I have had a heck of a lot more stitching time in December then in previous years, not sure how that happened LOL.

I have about 85% mobility back in my left arm. I still can't put my arm behind my back, some stretching is painful and the strength isn't really there but I know I will get it back eventually.

Since I last posted I have gotten great progress on my Summer Mandala by Ink Circle.


 I added the grey/blue

and added a dark green

I also started one of my 2019 projects early....I just couldn't help myself. It is the Hobbit by Cloudsfactory on Shades of Autumn by Sparklies fabric. So far I have done Gandolf, Bilbo, Ori and I am almost finished Thorin. This design is just so cute and fun to stitch, I forgot how much I enjoy stitching a Cloudsfactory design.

Well Happy New Year everyone, happy stitching.

Friday, November 9, 2018

A finish and great progress

First things first, I don't think I posted my Reflections of Cairo finish by Ink Circle. So here it is

It is done on 32 ct Dried Thistle by Handy dyed fabric by Stephanie, I used Sulky Thread in Milk Chocolate.

On to my latest finish, it is Let's Love Autumn by Imaginating done on Cream 18ct aida

Then I started to work on Circle of Triangles, I finished about a page and a half before taking a break.

I have moved onto Summer Mandala, I am putting in one color at a time. So far I have only been able to put in one color. The lovely punch of blue looks really good.

Unfortunately while walking to work on Wednesday, I tripped after getting off the escalator and fell landed on my left side on the cement. I currently can't lift my left arm and have my arm in a sling. I tried to stitch yesterday which was a really bad idea. So there will be no stitching until I can move my arm again.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Where did September go

My goodness my September was such a blur. Work has occupied my life so not a lot of stitching was done. I was hoping for 3 more finishes this year but I just don't know anymore whether I can accomplish that.

My office is moving in December so we are trying to deal with old files that haven't completely been closed yet, box up files to go to storage and shift 'extra' stuff we don't know what to do with right now as fast as we can. Unfortunately we have some huge files that are still active that aren't going anywhere that will need to be moved. So there will be more overtime in my future.

Anyway enough about work. Here is my latest progress photo of Cirque des Triangles

and a new start which I am actually hoping I can finish this long weekend.

Let's Love Autumn by Imaginating

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Progress an almost finish and a finish

British Columbia was going through a heat wave in July and we had over 600 forest fires raging throughout the province so the air quality was terrible here and my stitching definitely suffered
But I have managed. I worked on Summer Mandala from Ink Circle in July, I am putting in one color at a time, here are photos for the first 3 colors, I am loving how it is turning out.

Next I gave some love to a new start (like I needed a new start). This is chalkboard mandala also by Ink Circle I am stitching it on Echo by PTP.

Then I stitched a bit more on Merry Christmas, My Deer from Country Cottage Needlework.
Finally I worked on yet another Ink Circle design called Reflections of Cairo, my intention was to stitch on it until I finished but disaster struck. The project is being done on Dried Thistle fabric from handy dyed fabric by Stephanie using Sulky thread Milk Chocolate. For whatever reason I decided in my head that I only needed one 50 yard spool of the 12 wt thread to complete the project WRONG. As you can see I ran out of thread before I could finish the top left corner of the design. I had to order more thread and it just arrived today, so now I can finish the design.

Since I was really looking forward to a finish I was determined to get one so I pulled out Merry Christmas, My Deer by CCN again and worked on it until I could finish it. Which is exactly what I did.

Now that I have my thread I can go back and work on Reflections of Cairo and with it being a long weekend it will be a perfect time for another finish.
Thanks for listening.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Flip Flop stitching

I can't seem to stick with one project right now. So instead of forcing myself to stay with anyone project I am stitching until I get bored and then moving on.

This past week I worked on Reflections of Cairo by Ink Circle

Reflections of Cairo by Ink Circle on 32ct Dried Thistle by Hand dyed fabric by Stephanie

and then I put about 500 stitches into Tribal Owl by Heaven and Earth design. I am bound and determined to finish page 3 & 4 by the end of the summer and finally get to the actual owl in the pattern.

I have now moved onto Summer Mandala by Ink Circle (no picture this time). I am hoping to finish all of the black border  this long weekend before moving on.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stiching, stitching and more stitching

I have been very successful with my stitching this past month LOL.

I did re-evaluate my projects for the year. I know I wanted to finish 9 of my lingering WIPs but as the year has progressed some of them I have lost interest in stitching so I have decide to remove them from my stitching schedule. I also decided that I didn't have enough smalls, so I added a few onto my list....there are probably a couple more I could fit in this year.

Here are the progress photos of the few designs that I have worked on. First up is Merry Christmas, my deer by CCN

32 ct raw/white Belfast

 Next up is a UK magazine design called Paisley Box, I just love how it's coming together.

Paisley Box on 32 ct Quartz by PTP

and finally I have given some love to my Heaven and Earth design.

QS Queen of Hearts from Heaven and Earth Design, Hannah Lynn

I am going to continue to work on the 2 smaller designs in a very loose rotation for the rest of the summer but I have decide to switch out QS Queen of Hearts with Tribal Owl instead. My goal is to finish the blue background on page 1 - 4 (I have already finished pages 1 & 2) and actually start working on the white owl of the design :).

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finally have progress

I have been at my new job for over a year now and let me tell I have never been so busy and so tired in my life. I am not complaining......much LOL.

But I have to say if this is how a busy law practice is suppose to run then my old job was a hot mess and I am truly thankful now to be away from them.

I usually come home and after having dinner I do 20 - 60 mins of stitching before I am too exhausted to be able to see straight. I has gotten better in recent weeks once I have gotten into a rhythm but man oh man has my stitching suffered. I had a couple days off recently so I was able to stay up long and get a finish done and come up with a better plan to get progress done on more projects. I was also having a hard time deciding what project to work on next so I flopped between about 5 projects before settling on my current WIP.

I am still determined to have 9 finishes by the end of the year. I am just unsure if they will be the ones I originally picked at the beginning of the year.

Without any further ado, here is my latest finish.

QS Lady Bug by Heaven and Earth Designs
18ct Simply Sunshine by Silkweaver

As I said above I flipped and flopped on various projects before settling on Seasons in Chalk - Summer by Hands on Design and Priscilla Blain. I am loving this design. It is coming along quite nicely so I hope I can finish it before the end of June.

Seasons in Chalk - Summer
18ct black Aida

Thanks for listening