Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Pictures

Here are pictures 10 & 11 from 2008.

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle by Lizzie Kate

Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett

I am currently doing the last bits of Lizzie Kate's Christmas Double Flip which I will consider being completed in 2008 since 90% will be done before midnight.

First thing on the menu in 2009 is to complete How does your garden grow by Papillon Creations and kitting up Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia.

Happy New Years everyone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My poor Pookie

Well Christmas sort of started out with an awful bang.

On the 23rd my mother called me at work because pookie aspirated a wet burp in her sleep and started crying. I calmly told my mom that if it was a bit of vomit I would cry too since it probably burned her nose, I think my mom just needed reassurance about what had happened I probably wasn't much help. though.

Then when I got home pookie raced towards me to say hello and started walking backwards in a drunken stooper and then passed out we all thought she was having a seizure, when it was finished she started crying and it just broke my heart. She had another one later on that night, I thought she just walked into the door while walking into a dark room until she hit the door twice and went limp. Then on the 24th she raced up the stairs to say good morning to everyone, sat on my mom's foot and did it again we were so concerned for her that we took her with us to my Aunt's on Christmas Eve and basically followed her around the house all night. Then on Christmas Day she had 3 episodes and her breathing was very laboured and she was making noises when she was breathing, we were so stressed out by this we really didn't enjoy Christmas and we all were wishing there was an animal hospital open but of course being Christmas Day they weren't.

Yesterday was a much better day she lasted until 8:28 pm before having one and it was right after running up the stairs, my sister followed her to make sure she was okay, pookie was about to walk down the stairs but stopped herself and backed away from the stairs and walked to the middle of the hall wall and passed out, she obviously felt something coming on.

We took her to the vet this morning and it was determined that she didn't have seizures she was fainting because she has a heart condition and the vet could hear a heart murmur, she also has fluid in her lungs which is why her breathing is laboured and she was fainting after she exerting herself and wasn't getting the oxygen she needed. We left pookie with the vet for 2 hours so they could get x-rays to confirm the condition. The vet also mentioned that she had probably had it for awhile but we only know about it now because of the fluid in her lungs. My mom started crying as soon as we left the vet, as soon as she heard heart she figured it was a death sentence. So my father and I went to pick her up later because my mom was still upset we got to see her x-rays and yes her heart is enlarged but not as much as the vet thought it would be, the vet was very happy with what she saw considering the circumstances, as well the fluid in her lung isn't very bad either. The vet was very informative she said that having a heart condition is common in small breeds and putting her on medication will help so it isn't a death sentence at all which is what my mom needed to hear, once we heard the relatively good news my father started crying in relief (as you can tell pookie owns us lock stock and barrel). So pookie has been prescribed a diuretic and heart medication, she is suppose to take it easy with no more running up the stairs (we have actually blocked them) or jumping on the furniture without benches, she is to have a low salt diet too. The vet wants to see her in two weeks to see if the fluid is gone from her lungs. I guess the parents and I are just going to have to accept that pookie is a senior dog not a puppy anymore, she is 14 years old.

This was definitely not the Christmas I wanted to experience but since 2008 has sucked for me why am I not surprised this happened and even though my brother came to Christmas which he hasn't done in 5 years the excitement about that was lost because of the issues with pookie.

I just hope 2009 is much better for mom, dad, pookie and me.

I probably won't post anything else in 2008 except for pictures so Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Snowning

Well as my title suggests it is snowing again in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. It started last night and is continuing all day today, we will definitely have a white Christmas this year LOL. The only problem I have with this beautiful snow is I still have two days of work left before my holidays kick in, I have a couple things on my work to do list that I want to do before my holidays that I'm not sure if I'll be able to do now if I can't get into work. I might give it a try tomorrow and see how the buses are running but if I can't get into work I'll just log in from home and see what I can do without actually being at my desk. The major reason I want to go to work tomorrow is to get my pay cheque :) since I won't be there on the 30th I can get my cheque now, hopefully it is a difficult commute per say and that that lawyers tell me to go home if I can at least make it to work one day I can scan all my notes and email them to myself and try and get some sort of work done....I can't help but feel a little guilty since my desk still looks like a bomb went off on it.

As for cross stitch I was able to pick it up but then I noticed a mistake and had to froggy the entire word "tree" because it didn't line up and I couldn't just leave it but now I can caught up and am working away on it......the plus side for a snow day is I can get more stitching done....LOL.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Done

Well the last person on my Christmas list is now done, I had a brain storm on what to get him and consulted another family member who agreed with my final decision, so I am officially FINISHED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Just in time for British Columbia to be hit with a snow storm LOL

The snow really didn't look too bad when it was coming down but geeze the problems it caused. The snow started falling Tuesday night around 10:30 pm and intermittently continued all Wednesday. Now I realize that some people have a hard time driving in the snow but when your occupation is a bus driver you should be able to handle it and if you can't call in sick and have someone else take your routine, this is what happened to me yesterday the bus was 5 mins late picking me up and since I take the last train in to Vancouver in the morning I need to get to the station on time or I have to take 2 buses to work which potentially adds 1 h 45 mins to 2 hours to my commute. Well this driver was seriously afraid of driving in the snow she kept on slowing down for no reason, and we were becoming more and more late to the train station, I'm sorry when a Honda can speed past you on a hill you the bus driver are the problem not the roads. Anyway we were about 4 blocks from the train station when the train drove past us, surprisingly the train waited for a couple minutes for late arrivals but instead of honking her horn to make sure the train waited for us she just kept on slowly driving so of course the conductor didn't think we needed the train so 18 passengers missed the train I was so pissed off.

But as luck would have it one of the passengers was going to drive in and had room for 4 more passengers in his car so I got a ride in instead of taking the bus, I was only 15 mins late for work, we used the HOV lanes all the way to Vancouver which really helped and he had no problem driving in the snow I also left early for work which was a little problematic too because everyone else in Vancouver did too LOL. Then my parents and I did the Christmas grocery shopping (except for the veggies) and there were only about a dozen other shoppers in the store so our trip was quite painless.

Anyway I have been slowly working on L*K Christmas double flip and am currently working on 'tree' I hope I can get a lot done this weekend now that I have no shopping to do, either way I will continue working on it all through the Christmas holidays since I will be off from December 24 to January 5 and then start my 2009 rotation right away.

If I remember I will post pictures of the final pictures of 2008 before the end of the year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well it's been a week since I posted and I'm happy to report I feel so much better about Christmas shopping now LOL because I'm finished except for one person who is being uncooperative. Now the uncooperative person I'm going to make a list of things I think he will like and then call him up and make him pick on the spot, if not I'll pick out what I think he should have. I am so busy next week it's going to be difficult for me to get out to shop so I have to time it just right.

On the cross stitch is laughable, I haven't touched Tiger Lily since the weekend, I know I could have been finished by now but I'm so busy trying to get all my Christmas tasks done that I have had to sacrifice all my home cross stitch time. The stitching I have done has been on the Lizzie Kate Christmas double flip on the train and I've only been able to complete the HOLLY square, it didn't take too long but I could have done it fast if I was able to work on it during my lunch breaks too but alas Christmas tasks fill up my lunch time too. We are going to a Caroling party this weekend so I am going to take it L*K with me and hopefully I can finish one or two while I'm there.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shopping Idiots

Now don't get me wrong I love shopping 365 days of the year, for me or for a friend/family I just loving shopping. Most of the time at Christmas it is still quite enjoyable even if everyone and their dog is shopping too. But today was not one of those days

I am looking for Kung Fu Panda double pack DVD for a Christmas gift, it's the one with a 'fighting fist' second movie. I go online and Future Shop in Vancouver states that it has the movie in stock so on my lunch break I trek 6 blocks to Future Shop and I can't find it anywhere, so I ask the useless sales people to help (this of course is after I actually find one) and on their internal computer system it states that they have 25 copies but do you think the stupid salesperson could find them? NO, but considering he didn't look very hard I'm not he proclaims that they must be out of stock....Umm buddy your computer says there are 25 you can't be out of stock. I also explain to him that their website says they have them in stock too! explain that to me buddy. He proceeds to tell me that the best thing to do is call before I come over because the website isn't always up to date. Now I can understand that if I had checked it on Monday and then went over on a Friday it might not be accurate anymore but I check the website 10 mins before I left the office, considering what time of year it is I don't think this is acceptable and besides what is the point of having a website if you don't keep it up to date?

So now I will be going to Future Shop in Coquitlam to get the DVD, good thing I will be in the area and the sales people are 100% better then in Vancouver. At this point I just want to be finished shopping before I get anymore pissed off then I already am.

On a happy note I am almost finish L*K Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle, I just have the letters g, l, & e to finish and I'm going to put some silver kreinik blending filament on the word Tinsel to spruce it up and then I'm done, I also plan on finishing Tiger Lily this weekend too so hopefully the next post I have will have photos. Also if I have time I also want to finish building my first biscornu. I feel so much better when I'm productive.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More of the Same

My own personal Vent:

Last time I checked I wasn't the only secretary working in the firm. So when you start asking about court hearings coming up and I tell you I'm not involved I meant it!!! I did not set it up nor do I have any of the documents, I haven't secretly built the paperwork and am hiding it from you, so stop asking me about the hearing I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I told you 2 months ago we need to talk to junior lawyer and remind him to inform us when hearings are set so we can be prepared, you told me not to worry about it he just forgot, no he didn't!!!!!! you don't forget to tell your secretary about 7 hearings, this is an ongoing problem that you as office manager need to deal with.

Just because another firm asks for copies of documents doesn't mean it is only my responsibility you make copies of things too start keeping some of the tasks for yourself, I've told you I'm super busy and can't keep up. This is why I didn't help you with the Christmas Tree and I don't care if you were pissed off that I didn't help I had no time......

Stop talking to me about your after hours activities and complaining that you have no time for them, you choose to join these groups so suck it up and I'm too busy to listen!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And So it Starts

It is now December and I could care a less. I am not in the Christmas Spirit, this year has just been a bad year for me heath and stress wise so I'm not even going to bother trying to put myself in the spirit. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the days I get off between Christmas and New Years...LOL.

At least I was able to finish my Christmas baking, the last cookie I baked didn't turn out but that is okay since I have made 3 other kinds and am baking Rice Crispy squares closer to Christmas.

I am almost 3/4 of the way through my Christmas shopping too.

I have also downgraded Tiger Lily to a home picture now since there is only a couple regular stitches left to do and then it's back stitching and beading. So I have chosen 2 Lizzie Kate Christmas patterns to work on the train till the end of the year. First one is Don't get your tinsel in a tangle and the second is the LK Christmas Double Flip they are quite fun to stitch so far which is great. I am hoping to finish TL by December 10 and LK Tinsel by the end of the week.

Well that is it for now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I did this weekend.

Well I didn't get a lot of cross stitch done this weekend as I had other plans but I still think I made a pretty good dent since last time I posted a WIP.

This weekend I started my Christmas baking.


Peanut Butter Blossoms

I also made Oatmeal Blossoms but I didn't take a picture of them yet and now all I have left to make is Rice Krispy Squares and Peppermint Blossoms. As you can see I have a theme in my baking this year.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Cold

My goodness winter/late fall has finally hit us. There is no snow but that's okay we usually don't get any until late December early January but it's freezing. I usually keep my ceiling fan and a window open all year round but I'm seriously considering either turning off the fan or closing the window. I most definitely haven't wanted to get out of bed these past two mornings because I've been so cold and since I'm not a morning person anyway this hasn't helped.

So I was able to work on Tiger Lily last night and the picture is going great. I was told the Pixie collection from Nora Corbett would be a quick stitch not like the regular sized Mirabilia and they weren't kidding I think I could probably finish this in another 1 1/2 weeks but I'm not going to give myself a deadline I'm just going to enjoy the pattern. I do have 2 patterns I want to work on once Tiger Lily is finished but I'm not going to worry about them till the opportunely presents itself to work on them. Well I have nothing else to say perhaps I'll be chattier tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Dance

Well finishing Winter Fairy Spirit was definitely a dream it was so fast......I changed my mind at the last minute on what to do with the little snow flakes and the stitched snowflake that was in her hand, I had it stitch 3/4 of the way and I didn't like it so I took a page from my mother's book and just added a Mill Hill Treasure and I decided not to stitch the white stitches everywhere to signify snowflake; I think it looks great without them. I also have finally upload friends in country colors and decided since I was going to upload pics I should take a picture of Tiger Lily too. So here they are:

Friends in Color colors on almond aida

Winter Fairy Spirit on Blue Dynasty Silkweaver

Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett on basic white

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cross Stitch Idiot

You would figure after 15+ years of cross stitching I would know the difference between 18 and 16 count Aida.......Apparently I don't.

Let me explain, when my Nana died we went through her cross stitch stuff and divided it between the grand daughters that cross stitched, {which is bascially me and my cousin in Kelowna} well my cousin in Kelowna has decided to give up on cross stitch because she doesn't have the time anymore and I'm the only one that works on 18 count [my mom stitches on 16 ct and my aunt on 14 ct] so my aunt sent down a package to me with various pieces of fabric I never questioned that all the fabric was 18 count because I knew it was coming from my cousin. So on the weekend I kitted up Tiger Lily and decided to use a piece of white from the new stash of fabric, so I just measured out a piece and cut it never thinking that I should check to see what count it was.

So I've been working on the pattern for about 3 hours; {thank God I decided to concentrate more on getting the beading done on WFS} and I notice that the squares look quite larger than WFS, now I'm wondering if it's just my eyes playing tricks on me or I've been working on hand dyed fabric too long and that's why it looks different. So I get to work and bring out my handy dandy rule and count how many squares there are in an inch and do you know how many there were.......SIXTEEN........ yup I'm working on 16 ct when I thought it was 18 ct.

I'm so glad I always count a 3 inch border around my pictures for when I eventually frame them if I hadn't I would have had to frog the whole thing, as it stands there is still a 3 inch border width wise but only a 2.25 inch border lengthwise. So now I'm going to have to take every piece of new fabric I received and double check they are 18 count STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Well at least I'm still enjoying beading on Winter Fairy Spirit and I'm going through it pretty fast and will definitely be finished this weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well I have to say this past 4 day long weekend went perfectly. I was able to finish all the regular stitching on WFS and started beading right away and kitted up Tiger Lily - NC and started working on it this weekend too.

It worked out that Sat/Sun was for other tasks and Mon/Tues was for cross stitch it was great I can't believe how many tasks I got done, I was able to really clean up my living space and do a couple chores that weren't even on the list and I was so relaxed that when I got a little bug eyed about beading I was able to switch in Tiger Lily and do some regular stitching, this helped so much that I got twice as much beading done then what I thought I would accomplish, my goal is to finish WFS by the Nov 21st but I think I can finish her by the 16th instead.

I am so happy with the tasks I accomplished that I already have about 5 new ones that I want to do now, it is so funny once I clean up an area I see other parts that I want to clean and/or organize because of it, mostly these task are how to better organize my stash and ever growing book and DVD collections LOL.

Well I finally took a finished pics of friends in country colors which I'm hoping to post up here either with WFS or before, we will see.

I was also able to start my Christmas shopping......I'm just not in the mood this year so this is a great accomplishment.

PS My best friends is having a BOY.....totally unexpected she was having dreams about it being a girl. She was totally shocked and really happy about it. I'm going to have to reign myself in and not go out and get baby presents until he arrives LOL

Friday, November 7, 2008

WFS update

Well I just wanted to stop in and give a little update on Winter Fairy Spirit. I am about 80% completed I just have the last light blue section of the skirt to complete and a couple forgotten metallic stitches and then it's just the beading.

Since I have a 4 day long weekend because senior lawyer kindly asked if I wanted Monday off HELL YA!!! I've made myself a to do list of household, craft and other tasks to fill my day.....things I've been pushing off like labelling my new hand dyed fabric (21 pieces). Riping up all the UK xstitch magazines (I divide the patterns between my mom, my aunt and myself), getting rid of the recycling that has accumulated, cutting up perforated paper and vacuuming. I've decided to be properly productive I have to do 1 hour chore 1 hour stitch. So unless I get hit my lightening I should be beading by Monday. Now I don't take any pictures on the train that need to be beaded because the rocking motion of the train sabotages the process so I now get to kit up Tiger Lily (nora corbett) so I can take it with me for Monday.

Rain Rain go away come back another day.....but I think it's perfect weather for a stay home long weekend

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update on me

Well my stomach ache has disappeared after two days which I was very grateful, but I'm not sure they were the same time of ache I definitely thought the first once was because of my back and the second day ache was like my usual ate something wrong ache. My mother things I should go see my doctor and talk about my gallbladder since removal is in my family at both sides.....I will think about it.

Well I haven't gotten much cross stitch done at all and it's beginning to piss me off, basically I have tried to do house work etc. in between cross stitch sessions but they have been taking longer then I want and eating into xstitch time. I know I'm not on a finished schedule but I still like to xstitch everyday.

Well since I'm finished with my dentist appointment (only a cleaning) I think I will watch Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and get some stitching done.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My body is trying to tell me something

For some reason I just feel like crap, I'm not sick, I haven't really had any bad days physically, I think I'm sleeping okay but I just feel like crap and it's been like this since Monday.

You know when you freshly wake up and do a long body stretch well I've been doing that for 3 days now every couple of hours and it's not helping to make me feel awake it's just telling me that my body hurts, I'm body exhausted especially yesterday and I'm not really hunger either. I really want to work on Winter Fairy Spirit but every time I sit down to work on it I'm too uncomfortable or just don't feel like it.....but I really want to work on it!!! What is going on???

Yesterday I just felt very blue and I didn't know why, feeling blue hasn't happened in so long even when I'm having issues with my father I don't physically feel blue. And now today I started getting funky back pains, now I'm well aware that I don't sit properly and I sit all day so having a stiff/sore back isn't surprising but this new pain is weird it's right below my bra down to my waist on the right side and it's just achy, poky kind of pain.

Maybe my body is stiffening up because of the weather change if that's the case I'm so not liking this or maybe I'm not sleeping in a proper position at night, I personally think I have too many pillow on my bed I use two and have 2 other pillows and a body pillow on the side of the bed because my bed is pulled out away from the wall so I do this so my book, glasses etc don't fall into between the bed and the wall and sometimes I wind up sleeping diagonally across my bed and this can't be good for the back. Now that I'm talking this through I think I will experiment - I'm going to take all my pillow off my bed except for ONE that I will use and try and sleep in the centre of my bed and just cover myself with my blanket not curl myself in them which in itself can't be good for my back.

It's really sad when my body has to scream at me for me to listen to it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just to tell you a little bit about myself I seem to be the person in my family that everyone dumps their problems on and I'm suppose to fix them, this used to be cute but now it's getting uncontrollable to the point that I'm sending myself into anxiety attacks and because I'm dealing with everyone else problems no one is helping me with mine which of course makes my anxiety attacks worse.

Anyway I received a call from my father at work on Friday which is quite surprising since he doesn't really have access to a phone while working, it was quite a pleasant conversion and I actually liked it but he had to go and ruin it by ending the conversation with "I have a question to ask you...will talk about it later".....Who the fuck says stuff like that and then hangs up. So now I'm worried something major is going on that I'm some how going to wind up being responsibly to fix.....since it always seems to wind up that way. I was so pissed off that I almost immediately called my mother to rant. In the past my father would include me in family problems but not tell my mom so I have been going out of my way to make sure she is included so he would have to actually talk to her about these things. So I called my mother and just started in on my father about how it was inappropriate to call me at work with bull shit problems, about the way he ended the conversion, why he thought I should be the one fixing the problem, why he still doesn't talk to her and so on and so forth, I felt very good at the end but what bothered me the most was I started crying halfway into the conversion because of the position he put me in.......I was disappointed in myself I thought I had gotten over the overly panicked feeling I get when these situations come up but obviously I have more work to do on myself.

I begrudgingly can help my father but I'm not happy about it and so I told him that I'm helping him under protest and he is inconveniencing me and told him this while in front of my mother so she is kept in the loop. If I had a stronger backbone I would have told him this was the last time I was going to help or something like that but I figure I should work on baby steps so I don't freak myself out again. Oh the DRAMA.

Anyway on Sunday I took my best friend out for her birthday lunch and chatted for a couple of hours, she is 5 months pregnant with her first baby and is loving it I'm so excited for her we both think she is having a girl and on November 4th she is getting one of those 3d ultrasound (a birthday gift from hubby) and then she will find out what she is having, originally she didn't want to know but has since changed her mind and I get to know too. I found the cuties little girls outfit at the mall on Saturday that I want to buy for her but I can't get it until I know what she is having.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It All Makes Sense Now

Well there has been a bit of a shake up a work this morning!!!!

Apparently the female partner/lawyer has been getting various tests done since July because of pain she was experiencing in her back. the Rheumatoid doctor told her there were two lesions in her spine and that this wasn't uncommon (WTF!!! anything in your spine is concerning). So she got a bone scan and this doctor tells her it looks to be cancer but the lesions aren't the primary location so now she's going to get a battery of tests to find out where it is, she just recently had a mammogram & biopsy that came back clean and now goes for a colonoscopy. She has been dealing with this by herself since July no one knew anything about it.

I'm just in shock.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Status of WIP

I was able to get a lot done on Winter Fairy Spirit this weekend. I guess that was the only advantage of being sick because I pretty much did nothing but stitch, except for Friday night I was so exhausted that I laid in bed and tried to cross stitch and all I did was fall asleep. I'm just glad that I didn't do too much and nothing required froggy.
So here is a picture that I took in Feb which was the last time I worked on it.

and here is the picture I took Saturday night.

I really love these Fairy Spirit designs they just flow and I think I can probably finish this pattern sooner then I thought I would but again I'm not rushing myself.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, That's Just Great

My father has had a cold/flu for about 2 weeks now and I thought I was in the clear and wasn't going to get it, well I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and it has been basically down hill from there because now this morning I feel like a mack truck has hit me, I can't breath, my sinuses are plugged and my eyes won't stop watery and since I spend my entire day in front of a computer screen this isn't going to be a very productive day. I was trying to do some stitching this morning on the train but it started raining and the sky became overcast and since the lights in the train aren't that bright after about 2 dozen stitches I couldn't take it anymore so I put the stitching away. I really want to finish the dark skirt part of Winter Fairy Spirit tonight but I'm not sure if my eyes will let me.

I don't mind being sick and even being sick enough to take a day off of work but what I do mind is not being productive on those days. If I can't cross stitch or read or something then I feel it's truly a wasted day and by the looks of this cold/flu that what it's going to be.......THANKS DAD. Silver Lining I'm glad it's Thursday and not Monday.

Come hell or high water I am going to Michael's this weekend!!!!! I got a 20% off coupon on my receipt last week so I'm going to use it this weekend and I don't care if I have to crawl out of my deathbed I'm going to get all the threads I need for the 4 kitted up projects I've put aside.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Election & Gov Money Grab

So as my title indicates today Canadians go to the polls to election a new Prime Minister and from my point of view all 4 candidates are idiots. None of their platforms satisfy me completely so I will be voting for the candidate that I am only 45% satisfied with. I find that if you live in Western Canada - the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and maybe a bit of Saskatchewan you are basically forgotten about by the politician and your problems are ignored, most of the time I feel like I am part of a suburb of Toronto. This kind of attitude pisses me off and until a politician respects the province I have chosen to call home I'm not going to stand up for his/her party.

Anyway in this particular election I am pissed off about the new rules/money grab they have come up with too. In this election you HAVE TO show a piece of ID with your current address on it. Well this is a bit of a sticky point for me, I do not have a drivers licence because I don't drive and my BC ID is from my late teens early 20's before they put expiry dates on it, (this is the money grab part). I don't feel I should have to get a new ID every 5 years like the drivers if I don't have to, I basically look the same and I lived in the same house for 12 years. To me this is just a money grab by the government since it costs $75 to get a new ID.

I find it humours that Costco won't accept my BC ID but the passport office did, my bank gets bitchy about the ID but to get a credit check it is no problem and when I got my passport I was on the verge of moving and I asked what I should do and I was told to put a post-it note with the new address over the old address, which is what I did. Long and short I have no ID with my current address on it so when I go to vote I will have to bring a utility bill, passport, BC ID and the voting card with me. No wonder the voting lines are always so long. Well at least I get to leave work early so I can get home and vote.

Now onto cross stitch. I was able to actually work on some stitch this weekend I split up my housework with working on Winter Fairy Spirit. So I got a huge amount of work done on Winter, I will have to take a WIP picture and post it as well as the finished picture of Friends in Country Colors. Just looking at the WIP for Winter in my previous post compared to what the picture looks like now is quite impressive if I do say so myself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

WIP pics

I have decided that my blog doesn't have enough pictures on it HAHA. Aside from pookie and the occasional finish I have no pics so I've decided to take a picture of all my WIP and post them so anyone reading my blog and see what I'm up to and as well this will remind me of what I need to work on. Kind of like a cheering squad for cross stitch.

My Lady of the Snow (top) & Winter Fairy Spirit both by Passione Ricamo

Woodland Enchantress Kit by Dimension (top) & Found by Lisa Victoria @ Heaven & Earth Designs

Cirque de Cercles by Ink Circle Designs (top) & Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine

I am currently working on Winter Fairy Spirit until it is finished and then hopefully slipping in Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett the rest of the patterns will be my main focus (I hope in 2009).

AND of course I can't add pictures to my blog without a picture of POOKIE she is just so great, she always makes me smile.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Thought

Finally I'm not the only staff member who thinks the junior lawyer is picking up bad and idiot behavior. He asked a client to come in yesterday morning to pick up their cheque but didn't tell the other secretary how to correctly spell the name and waited until the partner's weren't in the office, they are the only ones who can sign cheques. LOL so he was pacing the office waiting for one partner to come back from her appointment. The long and short of it is we had to courier the cheque to the client. Lesson of this story for junior lawyer is tell support staff what is going on and we can help ie write the cheque before senior lawyer goes to court.

This is an ongoing pattern of late and so far it hasn't resulted in a major screw up YET. But it's bound to happen unless he is told to stop, and it just pisses us off because of all the back tracking we the support staff have to do to complete the task.

I'm realizing that I'm turning into a really cranky person LOL I originally started this blog to chat about cross stitch but as of late I'm spending more time bitching then anything else. I guess I should take a chill pill or grab a life.

On to cross stitch: I have finished Friends in Country Colors and will be posting a picture this weekend. I am now working on Winter Fairy Spirit and I'm loving it, everything just flows together and the smallest amount of stitching makes such a big difference.

Unfortunately I'm on a cleaning frenzy this long weekend so I'm not sure how much stitching I'm get done depending how much cleaning gets done LOL.

added later. I can't believe it the senior lawyer just accused the other secretary of misplacing an important document. This from a guy who leaves documents on a boardroom table or floor under his desk and can't understand why he can't find anything.......I thought her head was going to explode, she riped a mini strip off him and basically told him that she kept the files organized because he can't be bothered and if anything goes missing it's his fault not hers HAHAHA. She's in the copy room right now thinking of ways to kill him. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been impressed with his lack luster organizational skills and how easily he blames us when something goes missing or wrong with his computer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well as the title suggests there isn't anything going on right now except for doing the finishing touches on backing stitching for friends in country colors, it is tedious and annoying at this point and any other time I would have push this picture aside and started working on something else but I'm bound and determine to pick up better habits with my cross stitch and not do that anymore. Once the picture is finished it will be #8 for this year.

So I have decided that since I had a slump this year and am trying to be more positive with my cross stitch so I won't feel bad when I only get 9 pictures done this year since I only got 9 done last year, so at least I'm the same and not backwards with finishes.

This year is just a bad year so anything I've accomplished is a good thing.

Well I have nothing else to say maybe later I will be more chatty.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stupid people I work with

You know it's Tuesday....when everything goes wrong and everyone is pissing me off.

Now why exactly did we have an Ikon tech come to the office a few months ago and teach us to use the new copier/scan system if certain lawyers always come to me to scan their stupid fucking documents!!! I'm trying to get work done and you are interrupting me with your laziness and this specific lawyer wonders why I still haven't booked a discovery on a file she asked for 3 days ago....because each time I try to start the job you add another to my pile and demand that I finish it first. Then last night she gets all bitchy because I haven't booked the discovery yet....well honey fuck off and die and let me get my work done and I'll get to that job soon enough. As it is it's never easy to book anyway on this file nor is your schedule clear to do a discovery until February so telling me you want to do this ASAP doesn't work so perhaps you should look at your calendar before demanding things and stop looking so stupid.

And now the junior lawyer who know full well that I'm on my lunch comes up to me and starts handing me more assignment like buddy I'm eating fuck off. #1 filing happens in the morning not the afternoon, so you are late. #2 if you want a bill for documents you are going to have to give me more information than the pages copied, I need to know when they were made and I need to know what file they are on so that the bill makes sense for internal purposes because dollars to donuts the accountant would be bitching at me if it didn't make sense not the lawyer.

I so need a mental health day......or buy some more stash just for the hell of it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

WIP Update

Well I am very impressed with all the work I got done on friends in country colors pattern, I knew in the back of my mind that if I just sat down uninterrupted I could get a lot accomplished. Which is what I did this weekend. I am now about 54% done and I'm really happy about it, I had a tentative schedule of finishing it today but I'm disregarding that because I'm having such a great time I don't want to drag myself down with a deadline. I haven't felt this great about my cross stitch since the beginning of the year, so I am going to run with it if I finish the 3 patterns I want to to make my 2008 finishes equal 10 that will be great but it doesn't really matter if I don't It's all about the fun.

Overall I feel great enough about my cross stitch that I can go home at night and not work on it if I don't want to, I found that when I had a self imposed deadline I did nothing else and I couldn't get comfortable in my own room because of the mess and the pile of other things I wanted/needed to get done but couldn't because of the deadline and of course the deadline never got fulfilled and I was basically prolonging my agony. But now I'm at my happy place and now I can stitch and get my other tasks done too. The things I learn about myself.

I hope that made sense. LOL.

This week will be a week of Stash.... I have about 2 1/2 orders possibly coming this week HURRAY. I love getting stash even though I won't be working on the pattern the stash is to be used for for awhile, I just love getting it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Same as before

Well today is a much better day at work. Other secretary actually followed through on the job from yesterday and I'm really happy about that, so I really have no other complains about her today....maybe she was having a bad day too.

Anyway on the stitching front I guess my frustration regarding finishing Hanky has rubbed off on Friends in country colors, because even though I'm making great progress on the pattern I just don't want to do it anymore LOL. But since it's a small pattern and I want to finish it on Monday I'm just going to keep on going, I am still making great progress on it I'm just not excited about it anymore!!! since it's the weekend I'm hoping I can fly through it. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Sorry I'm just not enthused and I can't even excite myself by writing about it.

Anyway next pics on the rotation agenda that I want to finish this year is Winter Spirit Fairy Passione fairies are so quick and beautiful so I'm excited about working on the pattern again. I have set aside 3 weeks solid on train and home to work on it and I'm hoping it will go smoothly and will be finished by November, but I don't care if I don't, this is actually one pattern I don't really care if I meet the deadline because I know I will enjoy working on it so much that there is no reason to panic about the tentative deadline, I will just enjoy.

I have set up my rotation for 2009 and I might still need to fix it up because some patterns are calling at me more than others so I am going to listen to it this time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick and Tired

I am getting so sick and tired and everyone coming over to my desk and demanding to know where certain pleadings are.

#1 Certain lawyers don't let files out of their office so how exactly am I suppose to have the pleadings or even know what is going on on said file.

#2 I am not the only secretary in this office, so perhaps said lawyer should speak to both of us!!!!!

I love the looks I get when I say I don't know, or when the other secretary looks up from her personal email (I know, I know calling the kettle black) and goes what's going on. and then says I know where that stuff is I was organizing it last week (wouldn't want to share that information when the lawyer was first talking about it) but then goes back to her personal emails and directs me on the location of the file.....Oh I don't think so you last touched the file you can fuck'n well get the file yourself.....I know, I know I'm being petty but why am I always responsible for all the files when said lawyer comes out of his office. If she touched it last I feel this is something she should take responsibility for and answer his questions instead of me. I'm just so frustrated at her lack of helpfulness of late, I know she deals with the bills and I don't but come on I'm drowning here and she isn't lifting a finger to help me and seems to have a lot of time to deal with personal issues while at work.

Yesterday I got a little bitchy at one of the lawyers because she wanted one of her jobs done right away and I told her I couldn't get it done until Friday so then other secretary offers to help well honey, if you could help minimize my work load then I could get the job done faster but since you are offering to only complete the one assignment I don't think so......I won't let you take the glory for a quick assignment finish while I look like I've gotten nothing done. GRRRR. You know any other day this probably wouldn't bother me but right now it does.

I think I need to grow a stronger backbone and have the confidence to start giving her (other secretary) some jobs that I can't finish. She has done it to me in the past I should be able to do it to her. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

Okay done ranting without further ado please check out my recent finishes:

Hanky Pysanky

June Pearl Fairy

Monday, September 22, 2008


Just when I give myself a deadline for finishing a project, things get in my way.

I told myself to be finished Hanky by the end of August (along with June) DIDN'T HAPPEN. Then I started another pics so I wouldn't burn out while working on Hanky which is on black, which worked out great I got a lot done. Then I told myself to finish Hanky by the end of this weekend and wouldn't you know it I was super busy this weekend and didn't finish it. We had company this weekend and close to the end of the visit I told myself....why didn't I go get the picture and work on it while visiting!!!!!.....I figure if I had done this hours earlier on Sunday I would have been finished by now but alas I didn't think about it till it was too late.

Any way the long story is I have one symbol still left to do on Hanky and tonight is a sit in front of the tube all night day because all my favorite shows are coming back this week and tonight is CSI Miami. So cross your fingers and toes that I can finish Hanky tonight. I also wanted to finish friends in country colors by the 29th but I'm not sure I will be able to for some reason I've hit a slow patch, maybe once I can work on it for longer than 1 1/2 hours a day I will smoke through it.

And I promise once I finish Hanky I will post pictures of June and Hanky and a WIP pics of friends in country colors. By for now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm such an idiot

So as you can see I have completed changed my rotation and start pics in future. I came to the realization last night while inputting some of my new stash into my cross stitch program that I have been working nonstop on passione, mirabilia, haed, or ink circle patterns all year and pretty much ignored all the other beautiful patterns I owe (except for a couple small pieces). Now don't get me wrong the said patterns I've worked on are great but I have all this other stuff I could and should be working on too.

So I have completed changed my rotation; I have split it into 6 categories --- Passione, BAP, small, Mirabilia, magazines and Misc. So I will be doing a 2 week rotation on these 6 pieces and once the current piece has been completed I will be replacing that slot with another of the same designer. This is a similar system to Sooz on the Mirabiliastitchers BB.

Now the only category that will change from piece to piece is the Misc. category this category will range from a precious moments to American school of needlework to ink circle etc. whichever one I fancy because quite honestly I don't know what other category to put these under.... some precious moments are quite small but some are huge so of course they can't all go in small, some ink circle designs could be considered BAP but in the future I might get more of her designs and they could be small. So at least if I leave the category blank I can slip a variety of patterns into this slot without any problems and this will help me work through the variety of pattern I have that aren't Mirabilia, Passione or HAED.

I have also decided that the 3 Lavender & Lace patterns I have so far will be worked on in the Mirabilia slot too since I find them to be similar in setup and they are from a mom & daughter designer.

I promise to post finished pics of June and Hanky once I finish Hanky I've been on a roll with the bunnies so I haven't finished off Hanky yet like I promised myself I would. Also I promise to post some WIP pics to help remind myself of what I have done since the last 2 week rotation on a specific pics.

Monday, September 15, 2008

HD Hurray

Finally I have a happy dance.

On Saturday I finally finished June Pearl Fairy by Mirabilia, the final beading took a little longer than I thought it would because I made a mistake in the wings and had to pull out some of the beads.....beads are such a bitch to pull out, I basically just fiddled with it until it look right to me.

As well I worked on Hanky Pysanky on Sunday and finished everything but 2 1/2 symbols which I am working on today. I really wanted to finish this yesterday but we went grocery shopping and were gone for a couple hours so I ran out of time and now today I will be doing weeding when I get home so I might not finish tonight either but I'm okay with that since I will be taking friends in country colors on the train regardless if I finish or not and just finish the little bit leftover on Tuesday.

Everything will work out in the end LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where did I go

My goodness it has been almost two weeks since I posted anything. So Sorry. I just haven't had much to say and I've been quite busy.

For some reason my life feels quite cluttered right now. I don't know if it's my surroundings or if I'm a little stress (about what I don't know). So this weekend I'm going to do a major room clean to alleviate the clutter in my room and hopefully that will refresh my mind LOL.

On the cross stitch front I'm almost finish June Pearl and Hanky Pysanky. I have about 1 1/2 hours left of beading to do on June and about 1 1/2 pgs left of Hanky. I was getting a little tired of June and all the beads so I decided to put it away until the weekend before I start hating it. I find that when I start disliking a pattern is when it takes me twice as long to finish it, so the best thing for me to do is put it down and work on something else, this allows me to get refreshed about working on the pattern. So I am currently working on Hanky on the train in am/pm and at home and this is working great for me and I'm hoping that both can be completed by Sunday the 14th. Then I have 4 pics I want to work on from now until the end of the year with only 3 actual being finished in 2008, I will be putting them in a rotation so I don't get tired of them so hopefully I will work out.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


You know it's time for mom to come home when.........

both Dad and I slept in this morning....LOL.

you had to close the front door on pookie's face or she would have gone with you to work this morning......double LOL

you would rather starve then cook another meal....tsk tsk

So as of this second mom has been on the grey hound bus in 100 mile house for approximately 38 mins only 5 1/2 hours to go LOL.

Mom called me at work at 11:00 to tell me they were in 100 mile and waiting for the depot to open since they close early for lunch and while the Aunt was out of the car mom mentioned she was glad to be coming home she has had enough of holidays and wanted to come home. YAH

I'm 98% finish Hanky page 6, but since the pattern square I'm working on stretches into page 5 I decided to do the entire design at the same time which is why I'm technically not finished page 6 yet. I only worked on it for 45 mins last night and then decided to do some more beading on June, the beading is going great I just haven't been in the mood to bead, I look at it every day and tell myself that if I just worked on it I could be half done by now but alas......I'm just not in the mood, but with mom coming home I can set up the beads on my sewing table and have them stare at me all day every day until I'm done.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ho Hum

Where did all the sun go!!!! Granted I'm at work so I can't really enjoy the sun anyway but I'm wearing a jacket and have my heater on and I feel's Tuesday of course, it never fails something shitty always occurs on Tuesday it's my least favorite day of the week. I might have to purchase some fabric to make me feel better HAHAHAHA like I need an excuse to purchase more craft supplies.

Now I feel the need to vent a bit about home, my mother is on vacation so I am stuck with my father for 3 more days, now don't get me wrong I love my dad....I really do he is a great guy but when he's bummed out or pissed off he rehashes the same story about the situation over and over again now this would be okay if he retold the story to different people but he rehashes the story to the same people over and over again namely me. I actually had to start walking up stairs to get away from the story being told for the 4th time last night, the first two times I gave my input hoping he would stop talking but that didn't help....I wish it was Thursday already and mom was home, I am a quiet hermit time person and he is getting into my space.

The biggest problem I have with my father is he over shares, instead of telling a strange the basics to his problem so they can help with the solution (ie guys in the computer section at LD) he has to tell them everything about himself and truth be told no one cares about all the details; if they don't need to know this information to help solve your problem don't tell them anything extra it will just confuse them. I also believe if you give a person of authority to much personal information it can harm you not help you. You should ask for deals/bargains to help finalize a sale not boohoo and whine about a bad situation and think anyone is going to offer you a deal because they feel sorry for you.

Now my second concern about these last couple days is leaving my poor deaf, old dog at home by herself. Now usually my mom would be home and everything would be fine but mom's on her vacation and pookie is by herself...she doesn't seem to be concerned about anything though. After I left yesterday she climbed on mom and dad's bed and finishes her nap, basically having me home during the day last week disturbed her nap time which is kind of funny....I'm just concerned because she is alone and can't hear much anymore that she will hurt herself and I won't be around to help her, as you can tell my dog is in charge LOL

Monday, August 25, 2008

Idiots at Michaels & WIP

As the title suggests the people at Michaels are idiots.

So I emailed Michael's asking why there hasn't been a 3 for $1.00 sale on DMC threads since the spring (to my recollection) and asked if there would be one soon or if they can tell me why there hasn't been one. Now I really didn't think they would tell me when the next sale was but I was kind of hoping for an explanation as to what was going on....maybe the scary of DMC possibly closing down in France was a concern. So the next day I get a boilerplate response from head office telling me they have a policy for not telling people when the next sale is going to be and that I should check my local paper and/or wait for the next DUH, that is what I have been doing and there has been no sale that is why I emailed you. They didn't even bother to answer my question about what the problem could have been, which is really the question I wanted answered. I'm just suppose to sit on my hands and wait for the next sale whenever that might be, this is so frustrating especially since you go into the store and ask any of the girls and their response is that they aren't told beforehand so no one knows a thing....Next time I go in to the store I'm going to talk to the manager and ask her to contact head office and ask if there is a problem with the DMC products and hopefully she can get a better answer (probably not). I have $65 in gift certificates and I need some thread for 3 projects and I want to get the best deal.

Vacation cross stitch was a pretty good success if I do say so myself. I finished all the stitching on June Pearl Fairy by Mirabilia and I was able to start beading late Saturday. I am taking my time so if I finished beading by the weekend I will be very happy but it will probably take me longer than that. I wanted to be finished Hanky Psyanky last week too but that didn't happen which is okay but I was kind of hoping to be farther along then I am, I think it has a lot to do with it being on black fabric, it seems to take twice as long as any normal stitching. I basically got 1 page completed instead of the 3 1/2 pages I wanted to get done. I literally sat and stitched on it for 7 hours two days in a row and got nothing done.......go figure. So I will continue stitching on HP on the train and do the beading of June when I'm home and hopefully within the 1st week of September I will be finished both of them.

I have also decided to do goals for September I haven't done this in months since it always seems to sabotage me, but what the heck.

Goals for September

1. Finish June Pearl
2. Finish Hanky
3. Finish Friends in country colors (bunnies)
4. Start Tiger Lily
5. Work on and finish dress of Winter Fairy Spirit

That shouldn't be too hard. LOL

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well I'm three days into my vacation and it's great......LOL I have finish almost all the regular stitching on June Pearl Fairy except for 6 stitches of pink for one of the ribbons and about 10 of the little flowers at her feet on the left side, I am quite happy with this. I really tried to finish the flowers last night by my eyes wouldn't take it so instead of froggy out mistakes today I put the picture away last night before I could screw up. Now I've moved on to Hanky for a day or two and I'm hoping I can accomplish quite a bit today. My end goal is to finish Hanky and all stitching and back stitching on June and hopefully a good chunk of I think I'm half way there.

On another note I finish up to part 8 on hdygg so here are the final pics.

Part 6

Part 7/8

I think it looks great and I'm so glad I pick white bead for the pattern because I think any other color would be too loud with the threads.

and without further ado here are some before and after pics of the living room





I think it looks great, it warms up the room, the room isn't dirty looking it's great.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rotation schedule

Well since I have gotten my stitching mojo back I decided to take a long look at my current works in progress and new patterns I really want to start and I've decided on a new schedule.

Basically my problem is this. I love starting a new project and I hate having to wait so long for a finish. As you can tell these two problems are quite opposite of each other. Every time I start a new project it gives me less and less time to work on the WIP I currently have.

I have separated some of my new and old projects into 6 groups of 5. So now when I work on a project I only have 5 choices to choose from at any given time and when I get bored of 1 project I can only pick from the remaining 4 in the group. Now once I complete a project from the first group of 5 I will move up one picture from each group so that each group still have 5 except for the last group which will keep getting smaller. Here is group 1 & 2

1. Hanky Pysanky
2. June Pearl fairy
3. Winter Fairy Spirit
4. Friends in country colors
5. My Lady of the Snow

1. Tiger Lily
2. Madonna of the Garden
3. African Angel
4. Madam Snow
5. Summer Fairy Spirit

So when I finish Hanky and June next week during my holidays (cross my fingers) Tiger Lily and Madonna of the Garden will move up to group 1 and two pattern from group 3 will move up to group 2. I think this will work for me, it enables me to work on new patterns when the mood strikes me but still allows me to finish some of my ongoing WIP. This will also allow me to still work on more than one project at a time I can't imagine working on a HAED for months on end without a change.....that is a sure fire way of loosing my mojo again. Now obviously there will still be some kinks in the system which I will fix as I come across them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Finally I've been able to sit down and download my How does your garden grow pictures so with out further ado.

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I am currently working on part 6 and I'm hoping to finish it tonight so that will leave me part 7/8 with I want to finish before the end of the week so I can official start my holidays working on the pictures that I want to work on, which I have decided will be Hanky Pysanky (hopefully finish), Circus of Circles (hopefully finish page 1) and June Pearl (finish stitching and start on the beads).

Maybe tomorrow I will upload pics of the painting of the living room from last weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2008

F*@K Off

Now come one people stop pissing me off.

Today at work everyone is pissing me off, first the other secretary starts asking me why appointments are booked for the lawyer who is on holidays on days he isn't here I repeatedly tell her "I don't know, I didn't book those appointments" so either she didn't hear me or is ignoring me because she keeps on asking HELLO I didn't book these appointments stop fuck'n asking me about them, you book his appointments too maybe you fucked up......and besides he's a big boy and can actually book appointments all by himself. As it turned out he did books these appointments and is actually coming into the office of these days because of the appointments he had. GOD stop trying to blame me for shit.

And now the senior lawyers has come out of his office and is getting all pissy about a copy job not being completed and why wasn't it done. Well holiday lawyer only just gave me the documents before he went on holidays and I haven't had time to copy them, I was going to do them in house but since you are getting so pissy I'm sending them out and you can explain to your client why their bill is so big. And how was I suppose to know that holiday lawyer didn't call other counsel and tell them I was working on the documents and to not panic. I don't blame the other counsel for getting mad because they haven't received the documents yet and no one has sent them a letter or called them to explain what is going on, they need this information. If senior lawyer actually left his office and talked to people about pending jobs shit would get done but OH NO lets hid in your office and be ignorant about everything and blame everyone else, because ..........IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET???????

Enough said I'm done, hopefully I can go home early and finish part 4 of hdygg and then I can post both 3&4 pics tonight and some painting pics.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well it was a long and painful weekend but I'm happy to say that we finished painting the living room and it looks fabulous!!!!! I was a little concerned when we started because it didn't look to 'tannish' it was kind of milky/tan but I'm happy to say that was just how it looked beside the pink walls. Now that we have done 2 coats it's great.

We were also going to do the foyer but now that we have taken a quick look at the walls we are going to have to do some patch jobbing first . I swear the people who owned the house before us did not know how to do DIY and now we are having to fix up after them. I will have to post some pictures of the before and after, once I take the pics off my camera.

The only stumbling block I'm having right now is trying to find the correct paint for the pink for my wall on the third floor. I put a scrap in my wall (as I mentioned in a previous post) and I want to fix it without repainting the whole wall since the wall is vaulted. Mom and I are wondering if they mixed two paints together like a white and rose and them painted which is why it's hard to find because all the light pink chips I brought home are still too bright. If worse comes to worse I think I will experiment on a piece of wood with some base of white and mixing in some red/rose/pink and see if I can find the match myself. I guess we will just have to see. I'm going to leave it alone for a couple weeks and think it out first.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cross Stitch and the weekend

So I finished part 3 of How does your garden grow earlier this week but I haven't had a chance to upload the photo, hopefully before the weekend is over I will have done this and maybe even part 4. I haven't touched the picture all week, I have been too tired on the train to do anything but read my book and sleep LOL I hate sleeping on the train but I've been just exhausted.

Anyway, I will be super busy this long weekend (BC day) since I'm helping my mom paint the living room, I originally thought I would paint the room for her during my holiday but I changed my mind once I realized it was a long weekend and could do it now. It currently is this mild pinkie color that you don't really notice and it does nothing for the room. We are going to paint it a Benjamin Moore color called Arizona Sunset it's kind of a latte, taupe brown with a yellow/orange undertone (at least it looks like it to me) I think it will do wonders for the room.

As well I'm going to try and figure out what the pink color actually is because I put a scrap in my stairwell wall and have put putty in the scrap but it's obvious that I have put putty there. I'm hoping to paint over it and restore it to the original color......the last thing I want to do is paint the whole stairwell which has a vaulted ceiling because painting there will be a pain in the ass. I just want to paint over the putty but if we have to paint the hallway Mom suggests we redo it with the Arizona Sunset, which could be problematic since my room is a third floor loft and there is a lot of wall space between the 1st floor and the 3rd floor and when exactly do you decide what wall gets paints and what wall doesn't? So when we pick up the last minute paint supplies I'm going to bring home some paint cards and hopefully find the color.

Wish us luck LOL. It I remember I will post the before and after pics too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So this entry probably won't make sense but I have to vent about something personal so bare with me.

So the best laid plans have been set in motion but guess what it isn't going to help as much as we thought it would!!! So all the new plan has done is given us a couple more months to figure out what we are going to do......that's it. It is completely naive of us to think everything is okay now when it's not. The plan was good a couple months ago but now that new things have happened all the plan is doing is keeping us comfortable for a few months....I am sick and tired of having stress stomachaches and not sleeping right.

Okay I'm done venting, what I really need to do it talk to the people involve and hopefully they will understand.

On the cross stitch front I finally finished part 3 of Hdygg, I could have finished it on Sunday but I was trying to do two things at once and the other task took up more of my time and since I take a picture after each part I didn't want to work on the picture on the train to work since I wouldn't have been able to take a pics right away or start on part 4. I am really glad I started this picture it is definitely helping me get my mojo back.

I am going on vacation at the end of August so hopefully I will be finished up to part 8 on hdygg and can work on another picture nonstop while on vacation. I know it sounds silly but I enjoy putting my feet up and doing nothing but cross stitch on at least one of my 3 weeks of vacation. Since I plan on using my 2nd week of holidays for when I move I know I will be super busy and won't have time to stitch so this is the perfect thing to do now, besides I have 3 pictures that are quite close to being finished (except for beading on one) so if I can finish at least 2 of them I will be very happy.

Well I'd better get back to work LOL, when I get home tonight I will try and post a picture of part 3.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cross stitch WIP

So I finally started on How does your garden grow SAL from Papillon. It started in January and this is the first time I have decided to work on it. Sad I know but since this was my first SAL and I wasn't really sure where I was to start the project I figured I should wait until I got more information.

Since I have finished the Crochet Angel Ornament and packed away all my other cross stitch supplies I figured the next project I was going to work on better be simple [in design and supplies ]. So it made complete sense to pull out this pattern.

I am kind of kicking myself for packing away my craft supplies so quickly though, since I'm not really sure when I will be moving. I just like to be prepared and I have about 5 or 6 boxes of supplies and I'm worried that some how 1 or 2 boxes would dissappear, get lost or be thrown away and I would be devastated, so even though it's an inconveinance to unpack a box just to find something at least the supplies will be safe; and besides this stops me from trying to work on more than one picture at a time LOL. I am now forced to work on 'hdygg' until I get caught up and then I will have to decide which pattern on my loose rotation I will work on next......I think it should be Hanky since there are only 6 - 7 threads and I'm almost 1/2 way finished. I guess we will see, the chances of me changing my mind are very high. My next choice is a tiny holly tea cup done with 1 thread on 18 count, I have already completed the other 2 a few years ago and I would really like to make it into a trio and them find a really nice frame to put all three together in, I have a vision of how I want it to look but I'm unsure if it can be done. Here are the 2 parts I have now completed.

Part 1

Part 2


I swear junior lawyer really wants my job, or is trying to score brownie points but all he is really doing is pissing me off.

Like buddy go away! Do your job and let me do mine. Do not offer to 'purchase' more Starbucks coffee just because there is only half a tin left......only two people in the office currently drink coffee and there are only two days left of the work week LIKE DUH we don't need it yet. It is my job to go to Starbucks and purchase the coffee that's why there is a coffee card in the office, you do not get brownie points for spending your own money. No I do not need help cleaning the boardroom because sure as shit you would be telling anyone who listens that you cleaned the boardroom and expected a pat on the back. Grrrrrrr. Stay out of my work space, it takes me longer to do these jobs when you get in my way I have a system.....Don't mess with it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bitching & Whining

I know I'm probably calling the kettle black here because I'm famous for bitching and whining about anything but lately I have noticed a lot of bitching and complaining from people in my craft circle.

So okay your usual ONS is slow in sending you your order HELLO it's summer time can't they be short staffed! They also don't answer your emails fast enough......well do you answer your emails as soon as you get them personally or professionally I can attest that I don't.

So you don't like how a company is running their business so you log onto your local [craft] bulletin board and start a bitching thread. Come on people of all the things in the world to complain about having a craft package arrive late isn't on the top of my list. Now don't get me wrong if it takes a couple of MONTHS to get your stuff I would be pissed off but a couple weeks !!!!! Isn't half the fun of ordering from an online store the waiting game I know for myself the anticipation of finding something in my mail box when I get home is great.

The reason why I bring this up is the amount of people who have been bitching about ABC stitch therapy and their shipping practice is getting on my nerves. FYI they moved in February, their manager had to leave for health reasons with projects still pending and they hired & trained 4 new employees. I would like to see any of these complainers deal with just one of these issues and be able to send ALL of the packages out on time. Now I'm not saying that ABC is blameless but I really think people should calm down you have obviously picked ABC as your craft supplier for a reason perhaps you should remind yourself WHY. Some of the expectations these women have it's a wonder how any ONS or bricks and mortar store can live up to their expectations. And keep in mind if a pattern is popular it gets sold out quickly and then they have to reorder it from a third party who might be a little slower in responding then ABC is, so it might not actually be the store's fault.

And don't get me started on the bitching I'm hearing about Sugar Maple Fabric. The comments I have come across are just evil!!!!!! these viperous women should be ashamed with themselves, they take one tiny unsubstantiated comment and run with it. I wouldn't be surprised if these women kick small children and puppy too. Until they have the same situation happen to them they have no idea what is going on nor is there any proof to their accusations. I just think it's a sad day when grown women revert to acting like spoilt 13 year olds.

Okay I'm done with my rant, thanks everyone for listening.

Now on to my experience as a new blogger.....HAHAHA I truly am an idiot when it comes to codes and such. I have been trying for two days to get progress bars and blinkies to show up on my blog, they still aren't perfect but {shrug} what can you do, I always find really nice things on other peoples blog and would really like to try them on mine but since I don't have a clue what they are called or where they actually go on the page I will just have to drool until I figure it out.

I promise my next post I will be nicer LOL and maybe I will even remember to post pics of the 5 patterns I have finished this year. I know, I know that's really pathetic only 5 usually by now I'm up to 8 but I lost my mojo in the spring and I'm only just getting it back, but now I'm super stress about moving so I just look at my current WIP picture and I don't feel like working on it so I put it back in my bag for another day. I even packed away all my cross stitch stuff until I move, and that is really sad.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Post

Well after a few dumb questions to self I have finally figured out how to start my blog. DUH. Well since I'm still practicing it will probably be a couple days before I figure out what to do and actually post a proper entry.