Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So this entry probably won't make sense but I have to vent about something personal so bare with me.

So the best laid plans have been set in motion but guess what it isn't going to help as much as we thought it would!!! So all the new plan has done is given us a couple more months to figure out what we are going to do......that's it. It is completely naive of us to think everything is okay now when it's not. The plan was good a couple months ago but now that new things have happened all the plan is doing is keeping us comfortable for a few months....I am sick and tired of having stress stomachaches and not sleeping right.

Okay I'm done venting, what I really need to do it talk to the people involve and hopefully they will understand.

On the cross stitch front I finally finished part 3 of Hdygg, I could have finished it on Sunday but I was trying to do two things at once and the other task took up more of my time and since I take a picture after each part I didn't want to work on the picture on the train to work since I wouldn't have been able to take a pics right away or start on part 4. I am really glad I started this picture it is definitely helping me get my mojo back.

I am going on vacation at the end of August so hopefully I will be finished up to part 8 on hdygg and can work on another picture nonstop while on vacation. I know it sounds silly but I enjoy putting my feet up and doing nothing but cross stitch on at least one of my 3 weeks of vacation. Since I plan on using my 2nd week of holidays for when I move I know I will be super busy and won't have time to stitch so this is the perfect thing to do now, besides I have 3 pictures that are quite close to being finished (except for beading on one) so if I can finish at least 2 of them I will be very happy.

Well I'd better get back to work LOL, when I get home tonight I will try and post a picture of part 3.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cross stitch WIP

So I finally started on How does your garden grow SAL from Papillon. It started in January and this is the first time I have decided to work on it. Sad I know but since this was my first SAL and I wasn't really sure where I was to start the project I figured I should wait until I got more information.

Since I have finished the Crochet Angel Ornament and packed away all my other cross stitch supplies I figured the next project I was going to work on better be simple [in design and supplies ]. So it made complete sense to pull out this pattern.

I am kind of kicking myself for packing away my craft supplies so quickly though, since I'm not really sure when I will be moving. I just like to be prepared and I have about 5 or 6 boxes of supplies and I'm worried that some how 1 or 2 boxes would dissappear, get lost or be thrown away and I would be devastated, so even though it's an inconveinance to unpack a box just to find something at least the supplies will be safe; and besides this stops me from trying to work on more than one picture at a time LOL. I am now forced to work on 'hdygg' until I get caught up and then I will have to decide which pattern on my loose rotation I will work on next......I think it should be Hanky since there are only 6 - 7 threads and I'm almost 1/2 way finished. I guess we will see, the chances of me changing my mind are very high. My next choice is a tiny holly tea cup done with 1 thread on 18 count, I have already completed the other 2 a few years ago and I would really like to make it into a trio and them find a really nice frame to put all three together in, I have a vision of how I want it to look but I'm unsure if it can be done. Here are the 2 parts I have now completed.

Part 1

Part 2


I swear junior lawyer really wants my job, or is trying to score brownie points but all he is really doing is pissing me off.

Like buddy go away! Do your job and let me do mine. Do not offer to 'purchase' more Starbucks coffee just because there is only half a tin left......only two people in the office currently drink coffee and there are only two days left of the work week LIKE DUH we don't need it yet. It is my job to go to Starbucks and purchase the coffee that's why there is a coffee card in the office, you do not get brownie points for spending your own money. No I do not need help cleaning the boardroom because sure as shit you would be telling anyone who listens that you cleaned the boardroom and expected a pat on the back. Grrrrrrr. Stay out of my work space, it takes me longer to do these jobs when you get in my way I have a system.....Don't mess with it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bitching & Whining

I know I'm probably calling the kettle black here because I'm famous for bitching and whining about anything but lately I have noticed a lot of bitching and complaining from people in my craft circle.

So okay your usual ONS is slow in sending you your order HELLO it's summer time can't they be short staffed! They also don't answer your emails fast enough......well do you answer your emails as soon as you get them personally or professionally I can attest that I don't.

So you don't like how a company is running their business so you log onto your local [craft] bulletin board and start a bitching thread. Come on people of all the things in the world to complain about having a craft package arrive late isn't on the top of my list. Now don't get me wrong if it takes a couple of MONTHS to get your stuff I would be pissed off but a couple weeks !!!!! Isn't half the fun of ordering from an online store the waiting game I know for myself the anticipation of finding something in my mail box when I get home is great.

The reason why I bring this up is the amount of people who have been bitching about ABC stitch therapy and their shipping practice is getting on my nerves. FYI they moved in February, their manager had to leave for health reasons with projects still pending and they hired & trained 4 new employees. I would like to see any of these complainers deal with just one of these issues and be able to send ALL of the packages out on time. Now I'm not saying that ABC is blameless but I really think people should calm down you have obviously picked ABC as your craft supplier for a reason perhaps you should remind yourself WHY. Some of the expectations these women have it's a wonder how any ONS or bricks and mortar store can live up to their expectations. And keep in mind if a pattern is popular it gets sold out quickly and then they have to reorder it from a third party who might be a little slower in responding then ABC is, so it might not actually be the store's fault.

And don't get me started on the bitching I'm hearing about Sugar Maple Fabric. The comments I have come across are just evil!!!!!! these viperous women should be ashamed with themselves, they take one tiny unsubstantiated comment and run with it. I wouldn't be surprised if these women kick small children and puppy too. Until they have the same situation happen to them they have no idea what is going on nor is there any proof to their accusations. I just think it's a sad day when grown women revert to acting like spoilt 13 year olds.

Okay I'm done with my rant, thanks everyone for listening.

Now on to my experience as a new blogger.....HAHAHA I truly am an idiot when it comes to codes and such. I have been trying for two days to get progress bars and blinkies to show up on my blog, they still aren't perfect but {shrug} what can you do, I always find really nice things on other peoples blog and would really like to try them on mine but since I don't have a clue what they are called or where they actually go on the page I will just have to drool until I figure it out.

I promise my next post I will be nicer LOL and maybe I will even remember to post pics of the 5 patterns I have finished this year. I know, I know that's really pathetic only 5 usually by now I'm up to 8 but I lost my mojo in the spring and I'm only just getting it back, but now I'm super stress about moving so I just look at my current WIP picture and I don't feel like working on it so I put it back in my bag for another day. I even packed away all my cross stitch stuff until I move, and that is really sad.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Post

Well after a few dumb questions to self I have finally figured out how to start my blog. DUH. Well since I'm still practicing it will probably be a couple days before I figure out what to do and actually post a proper entry.