Thursday, July 24, 2008


I swear junior lawyer really wants my job, or is trying to score brownie points but all he is really doing is pissing me off.

Like buddy go away! Do your job and let me do mine. Do not offer to 'purchase' more Starbucks coffee just because there is only half a tin left......only two people in the office currently drink coffee and there are only two days left of the work week LIKE DUH we don't need it yet. It is my job to go to Starbucks and purchase the coffee that's why there is a coffee card in the office, you do not get brownie points for spending your own money. No I do not need help cleaning the boardroom because sure as shit you would be telling anyone who listens that you cleaned the boardroom and expected a pat on the back. Grrrrrrr. Stay out of my work space, it takes me longer to do these jobs when you get in my way I have a system.....Don't mess with it.

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