Friday, August 8, 2008

F*@K Off

Now come one people stop pissing me off.

Today at work everyone is pissing me off, first the other secretary starts asking me why appointments are booked for the lawyer who is on holidays on days he isn't here I repeatedly tell her "I don't know, I didn't book those appointments" so either she didn't hear me or is ignoring me because she keeps on asking HELLO I didn't book these appointments stop fuck'n asking me about them, you book his appointments too maybe you fucked up......and besides he's a big boy and can actually book appointments all by himself. As it turned out he did books these appointments and is actually coming into the office of these days because of the appointments he had. GOD stop trying to blame me for shit.

And now the senior lawyers has come out of his office and is getting all pissy about a copy job not being completed and why wasn't it done. Well holiday lawyer only just gave me the documents before he went on holidays and I haven't had time to copy them, I was going to do them in house but since you are getting so pissy I'm sending them out and you can explain to your client why their bill is so big. And how was I suppose to know that holiday lawyer didn't call other counsel and tell them I was working on the documents and to not panic. I don't blame the other counsel for getting mad because they haven't received the documents yet and no one has sent them a letter or called them to explain what is going on, they need this information. If senior lawyer actually left his office and talked to people about pending jobs shit would get done but OH NO lets hid in your office and be ignorant about everything and blame everyone else, because ..........IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET???????

Enough said I'm done, hopefully I can go home early and finish part 4 of hdygg and then I can post both 3&4 pics tonight and some painting pics.

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