Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ho Hum

Where did all the sun go!!!! Granted I'm at work so I can't really enjoy the sun anyway but I'm wearing a jacket and have my heater on and I feel crappy.......it's Tuesday of course, it never fails something shitty always occurs on Tuesday it's my least favorite day of the week. I might have to purchase some fabric to make me feel better HAHAHAHA like I need an excuse to purchase more craft supplies.

Now I feel the need to vent a bit about home, my mother is on vacation so I am stuck with my father for 3 more days, now don't get me wrong I love my dad....I really do he is a great guy but when he's bummed out or pissed off he rehashes the same story about the situation over and over again now this would be okay if he retold the story to different people but he rehashes the story to the same people over and over again namely me. I actually had to start walking up stairs to get away from the story being told for the 4th time last night, the first two times I gave my input hoping he would stop talking but that didn't help....I wish it was Thursday already and mom was home, I am a quiet hermit time person and he is getting into my space.

The biggest problem I have with my father is he over shares, instead of telling a strange the basics to his problem so they can help with the solution (ie guys in the computer section at LD) he has to tell them everything about himself and truth be told no one cares about all the details; if they don't need to know this information to help solve your problem don't tell them anything extra it will just confuse them. I also believe if you give a person of authority to much personal information it can harm you not help you. You should ask for deals/bargains to help finalize a sale not boohoo and whine about a bad situation and think anyone is going to offer you a deal because they feel sorry for you.

Now my second concern about these last couple days is leaving my poor deaf, old dog at home by herself. Now usually my mom would be home and everything would be fine but mom's on her vacation and pookie is by herself...she doesn't seem to be concerned about anything though. After I left yesterday she climbed on mom and dad's bed and finishes her nap, basically having me home during the day last week disturbed her nap time which is kind of funny....I'm just concerned because she is alone and can't hear much anymore that she will hurt herself and I won't be around to help her, as you can tell my dog is in charge LOL

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