Monday, August 25, 2008

Idiots at Michaels & WIP

As the title suggests the people at Michaels are idiots.

So I emailed Michael's asking why there hasn't been a 3 for $1.00 sale on DMC threads since the spring (to my recollection) and asked if there would be one soon or if they can tell me why there hasn't been one. Now I really didn't think they would tell me when the next sale was but I was kind of hoping for an explanation as to what was going on....maybe the scary of DMC possibly closing down in France was a concern. So the next day I get a boilerplate response from head office telling me they have a policy for not telling people when the next sale is going to be and that I should check my local paper and/or wait for the next DUH, that is what I have been doing and there has been no sale that is why I emailed you. They didn't even bother to answer my question about what the problem could have been, which is really the question I wanted answered. I'm just suppose to sit on my hands and wait for the next sale whenever that might be, this is so frustrating especially since you go into the store and ask any of the girls and their response is that they aren't told beforehand so no one knows a thing....Next time I go in to the store I'm going to talk to the manager and ask her to contact head office and ask if there is a problem with the DMC products and hopefully she can get a better answer (probably not). I have $65 in gift certificates and I need some thread for 3 projects and I want to get the best deal.

Vacation cross stitch was a pretty good success if I do say so myself. I finished all the stitching on June Pearl Fairy by Mirabilia and I was able to start beading late Saturday. I am taking my time so if I finished beading by the weekend I will be very happy but it will probably take me longer than that. I wanted to be finished Hanky Psyanky last week too but that didn't happen which is okay but I was kind of hoping to be farther along then I am, I think it has a lot to do with it being on black fabric, it seems to take twice as long as any normal stitching. I basically got 1 page completed instead of the 3 1/2 pages I wanted to get done. I literally sat and stitched on it for 7 hours two days in a row and got nothing done.......go figure. So I will continue stitching on HP on the train and do the beading of June when I'm home and hopefully within the 1st week of September I will be finished both of them.

I have also decided to do goals for September I haven't done this in months since it always seems to sabotage me, but what the heck.

Goals for September

1. Finish June Pearl
2. Finish Hanky
3. Finish Friends in country colors (bunnies)
4. Start Tiger Lily
5. Work on and finish dress of Winter Fairy Spirit

That shouldn't be too hard. LOL

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