Thursday, August 28, 2008


You know it's time for mom to come home when.........

both Dad and I slept in this morning....LOL.

you had to close the front door on pookie's face or she would have gone with you to work this morning......double LOL

you would rather starve then cook another meal....tsk tsk

So as of this second mom has been on the grey hound bus in 100 mile house for approximately 38 mins only 5 1/2 hours to go LOL.

Mom called me at work at 11:00 to tell me they were in 100 mile and waiting for the depot to open since they close early for lunch and while the Aunt was out of the car mom mentioned she was glad to be coming home she has had enough of holidays and wanted to come home. YAH

I'm 98% finish Hanky page 6, but since the pattern square I'm working on stretches into page 5 I decided to do the entire design at the same time which is why I'm technically not finished page 6 yet. I only worked on it for 45 mins last night and then decided to do some more beading on June, the beading is going great I just haven't been in the mood to bead, I look at it every day and tell myself that if I just worked on it I could be half done by now but alas......I'm just not in the mood, but with mom coming home I can set up the beads on my sewing table and have them stare at me all day every day until I'm done.

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