Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rotation schedule

Well since I have gotten my stitching mojo back I decided to take a long look at my current works in progress and new patterns I really want to start and I've decided on a new schedule.

Basically my problem is this. I love starting a new project and I hate having to wait so long for a finish. As you can tell these two problems are quite opposite of each other. Every time I start a new project it gives me less and less time to work on the WIP I currently have.

I have separated some of my new and old projects into 6 groups of 5. So now when I work on a project I only have 5 choices to choose from at any given time and when I get bored of 1 project I can only pick from the remaining 4 in the group. Now once I complete a project from the first group of 5 I will move up one picture from each group so that each group still have 5 except for the last group which will keep getting smaller. Here is group 1 & 2

1. Hanky Pysanky
2. June Pearl fairy
3. Winter Fairy Spirit
4. Friends in country colors
5. My Lady of the Snow

1. Tiger Lily
2. Madonna of the Garden
3. African Angel
4. Madam Snow
5. Summer Fairy Spirit

So when I finish Hanky and June next week during my holidays (cross my fingers) Tiger Lily and Madonna of the Garden will move up to group 1 and two pattern from group 3 will move up to group 2. I think this will work for me, it enables me to work on new patterns when the mood strikes me but still allows me to finish some of my ongoing WIP. This will also allow me to still work on more than one project at a time I can't imagine working on a HAED for months on end without a change.....that is a sure fire way of loosing my mojo again. Now obviously there will still be some kinks in the system which I will fix as I come across them.

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