Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well I'm three days into my vacation and it's great......LOL I have finish almost all the regular stitching on June Pearl Fairy except for 6 stitches of pink for one of the ribbons and about 10 of the little flowers at her feet on the left side, I am quite happy with this. I really tried to finish the flowers last night by my eyes wouldn't take it so instead of froggy out mistakes today I put the picture away last night before I could screw up. Now I've moved on to Hanky for a day or two and I'm hoping I can accomplish quite a bit today. My end goal is to finish Hanky and all stitching and back stitching on June and hopefully a good chunk of I think I'm half way there.

On another note I finish up to part 8 on hdygg so here are the final pics.

Part 6

Part 7/8

I think it looks great and I'm so glad I pick white bead for the pattern because I think any other color would be too loud with the threads.

and without further ado here are some before and after pics of the living room





I think it looks great, it warms up the room, the room isn't dirty looking it's great.

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