Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stupid people I work with

You know it's Tuesday....when everything goes wrong and everyone is pissing me off.

Now why exactly did we have an Ikon tech come to the office a few months ago and teach us to use the new copier/scan system if certain lawyers always come to me to scan their stupid fucking documents!!! I'm trying to get work done and you are interrupting me with your laziness and this specific lawyer wonders why I still haven't booked a discovery on a file she asked for 3 days ago....because each time I try to start the job you add another to my pile and demand that I finish it first. Then last night she gets all bitchy because I haven't booked the discovery yet....well honey fuck off and die and let me get my work done and I'll get to that job soon enough. As it is it's never easy to book anyway on this file nor is your schedule clear to do a discovery until February so telling me you want to do this ASAP doesn't work so perhaps you should look at your calendar before demanding things and stop looking so stupid.

And now the junior lawyer who know full well that I'm on my lunch comes up to me and starts handing me more assignment like buddy I'm eating fuck off. #1 filing happens in the morning not the afternoon, so you are late. #2 if you want a bill for documents you are going to have to give me more information than the pages copied, I need to know when they were made and I need to know what file they are on so that the bill makes sense for internal purposes because dollars to donuts the accountant would be bitching at me if it didn't make sense not the lawyer.

I so need a mental health day......or buy some more stash just for the hell of it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

WIP Update

Well I am very impressed with all the work I got done on friends in country colors pattern, I knew in the back of my mind that if I just sat down uninterrupted I could get a lot accomplished. Which is what I did this weekend. I am now about 54% done and I'm really happy about it, I had a tentative schedule of finishing it today but I'm disregarding that because I'm having such a great time I don't want to drag myself down with a deadline. I haven't felt this great about my cross stitch since the beginning of the year, so I am going to run with it ......so if I finish the 3 patterns I want to to make my 2008 finishes equal 10 that will be great but it doesn't really matter if I don't It's all about the fun.

Overall I feel great enough about my cross stitch that I can go home at night and not work on it if I don't want to, I found that when I had a self imposed deadline I did nothing else and I couldn't get comfortable in my own room because of the mess and the pile of other things I wanted/needed to get done but couldn't because of the deadline and of course the deadline never got fulfilled and I was basically prolonging my agony. But now I'm at my happy place and now I can stitch and get my other tasks done too. The things I learn about myself.

I hope that made sense. LOL.

This week will be a week of Stash.... I have about 2 1/2 orders possibly coming this week HURRAY. I love getting stash even though I won't be working on the pattern the stash is to be used for for awhile, I just love getting it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Same as before

Well today is a much better day at work. Other secretary actually followed through on the job from yesterday and I'm really happy about that, so I really have no other complains about her today....maybe she was having a bad day too.

Anyway on the stitching front I guess my frustration regarding finishing Hanky has rubbed off on Friends in country colors, because even though I'm making great progress on the pattern I just don't want to do it anymore LOL. But since it's a small pattern and I want to finish it on Monday I'm just going to keep on going, I am still making great progress on it I'm just not excited about it anymore!!! since it's the weekend I'm hoping I can fly through it. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Sorry I'm just not enthused and I can't even excite myself by writing about it.

Anyway next pics on the rotation agenda that I want to finish this year is Winter Spirit Fairy Passione fairies are so quick and beautiful so I'm excited about working on the pattern again. I have set aside 3 weeks solid on train and home to work on it and I'm hoping it will go smoothly and will be finished by November, but I don't care if I don't, this is actually one pattern I don't really care if I meet the deadline because I know I will enjoy working on it so much that there is no reason to panic about the tentative deadline, I will just enjoy.

I have set up my rotation for 2009 and I might still need to fix it up because some patterns are calling at me more than others so I am going to listen to it this time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick and Tired

I am getting so sick and tired and everyone coming over to my desk and demanding to know where certain pleadings are.

#1 Certain lawyers don't let files out of their office so how exactly am I suppose to have the pleadings or even know what is going on on said file.

#2 I am not the only secretary in this office, so perhaps said lawyer should speak to both of us!!!!!

I love the looks I get when I say I don't know, or when the other secretary looks up from her personal email (I know, I know calling the kettle black) and goes what's going on. and then says I know where that stuff is I was organizing it last week (wouldn't want to share that information when the lawyer was first talking about it) but then goes back to her personal emails and directs me on the location of the file.....Oh I don't think so you last touched the file you can fuck'n well get the file yourself.....I know, I know I'm being petty but why am I always responsible for all the files when said lawyer comes out of his office. If she touched it last I feel this is something she should take responsibility for and answer his questions instead of me. I'm just so frustrated at her lack of helpfulness of late, I know she deals with the bills and I don't but come on I'm drowning here and she isn't lifting a finger to help me and seems to have a lot of time to deal with personal issues while at work.

Yesterday I got a little bitchy at one of the lawyers because she wanted one of her jobs done right away and I told her I couldn't get it done until Friday so then other secretary offers to help well honey, if you could help minimize my work load then I could get the job done faster but since you are offering to only complete the one assignment I don't think so......I won't let you take the glory for a quick assignment finish while I look like I've gotten nothing done. GRRRR. You know any other day this probably wouldn't bother me but right now it does.

I think I need to grow a stronger backbone and have the confidence to start giving her (other secretary) some jobs that I can't finish. She has done it to me in the past I should be able to do it to her. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

Okay done ranting without further ado please check out my recent finishes:

Hanky Pysanky

June Pearl Fairy

Monday, September 22, 2008


Just when I give myself a deadline for finishing a project, things get in my way.

I told myself to be finished Hanky by the end of August (along with June) DIDN'T HAPPEN. Then I started another pics so I wouldn't burn out while working on Hanky which is on black, which worked out great I got a lot done. Then I told myself to finish Hanky by the end of this weekend and wouldn't you know it I was super busy this weekend and didn't finish it. We had company this weekend and close to the end of the visit I told myself....why didn't I go get the picture and work on it while visiting!!!!!.....I figure if I had done this hours earlier on Sunday I would have been finished by now but alas I didn't think about it till it was too late.

Any way the long story is I have one symbol still left to do on Hanky and tonight is a sit in front of the tube all night day because all my favorite shows are coming back this week and tonight is CSI Miami. So cross your fingers and toes that I can finish Hanky tonight. I also wanted to finish friends in country colors by the 29th but I'm not sure I will be able to for some reason I've hit a slow patch, maybe once I can work on it for longer than 1 1/2 hours a day I will smoke through it.

And I promise once I finish Hanky I will post pictures of June and Hanky and a WIP pics of friends in country colors. By for now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm such an idiot

So as you can see I have completed changed my rotation and start pics in future. I came to the realization last night while inputting some of my new stash into my cross stitch program that I have been working nonstop on passione, mirabilia, haed, or ink circle patterns all year and pretty much ignored all the other beautiful patterns I owe (except for a couple small pieces). Now don't get me wrong the said patterns I've worked on are great but I have all this other stuff I could and should be working on too.

So I have completed changed my rotation; I have split it into 6 categories --- Passione, BAP, small, Mirabilia, magazines and Misc. So I will be doing a 2 week rotation on these 6 pieces and once the current piece has been completed I will be replacing that slot with another of the same designer. This is a similar system to Sooz on the Mirabiliastitchers BB.

Now the only category that will change from piece to piece is the Misc. category this category will range from a precious moments to American school of needlework to ink circle etc. whichever one I fancy because quite honestly I don't know what other category to put these under.... some precious moments are quite small but some are huge so of course they can't all go in small, some ink circle designs could be considered BAP but in the future I might get more of her designs and they could be small. So at least if I leave the category blank I can slip a variety of patterns into this slot without any problems and this will help me work through the variety of pattern I have that aren't Mirabilia, Passione or HAED.

I have also decided that the 3 Lavender & Lace patterns I have so far will be worked on in the Mirabilia slot too since I find them to be similar in setup and they are from a mom & daughter designer.

I promise to post finished pics of June and Hanky once I finish Hanky I've been on a roll with the bunnies so I haven't finished off Hanky yet like I promised myself I would. Also I promise to post some WIP pics to help remind myself of what I have done since the last 2 week rotation on a specific pics.

Monday, September 15, 2008

HD Hurray

Finally I have a happy dance.

On Saturday I finally finished June Pearl Fairy by Mirabilia, the final beading took a little longer than I thought it would because I made a mistake in the wings and had to pull out some of the beads.....beads are such a bitch to pull out, I basically just fiddled with it until it look right to me.

As well I worked on Hanky Pysanky on Sunday and finished everything but 2 1/2 symbols which I am working on today. I really wanted to finish this yesterday but we went grocery shopping and were gone for a couple hours so I ran out of time and now today I will be doing weeding when I get home so I might not finish tonight either but I'm okay with that since I will be taking friends in country colors on the train regardless if I finish or not and just finish the little bit leftover on Tuesday.

Everything will work out in the end LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where did I go

My goodness it has been almost two weeks since I posted anything. So Sorry. I just haven't had much to say and I've been quite busy.

For some reason my life feels quite cluttered right now. I don't know if it's my surroundings or if I'm a little stress (about what I don't know). So this weekend I'm going to do a major room clean to alleviate the clutter in my room and hopefully that will refresh my mind LOL.

On the cross stitch front I'm almost finish June Pearl and Hanky Pysanky. I have about 1 1/2 hours left of beading to do on June and about 1 1/2 pgs left of Hanky. I was getting a little tired of June and all the beads so I decided to put it away until the weekend before I start hating it. I find that when I start disliking a pattern is when it takes me twice as long to finish it, so the best thing for me to do is put it down and work on something else, this allows me to get refreshed about working on the pattern. So I am currently working on Hanky on the train in am/pm and at home and this is working great for me and I'm hoping that both can be completed by Sunday the 14th. Then I have 4 pics I want to work on from now until the end of the year with only 3 actual being finished in 2008, I will be putting them in a rotation so I don't get tired of them so hopefully I will work out.