Monday, September 22, 2008


Just when I give myself a deadline for finishing a project, things get in my way.

I told myself to be finished Hanky by the end of August (along with June) DIDN'T HAPPEN. Then I started another pics so I wouldn't burn out while working on Hanky which is on black, which worked out great I got a lot done. Then I told myself to finish Hanky by the end of this weekend and wouldn't you know it I was super busy this weekend and didn't finish it. We had company this weekend and close to the end of the visit I told myself....why didn't I go get the picture and work on it while visiting!!!!!.....I figure if I had done this hours earlier on Sunday I would have been finished by now but alas I didn't think about it till it was too late.

Any way the long story is I have one symbol still left to do on Hanky and tonight is a sit in front of the tube all night day because all my favorite shows are coming back this week and tonight is CSI Miami. So cross your fingers and toes that I can finish Hanky tonight. I also wanted to finish friends in country colors by the 29th but I'm not sure I will be able to for some reason I've hit a slow patch, maybe once I can work on it for longer than 1 1/2 hours a day I will smoke through it.

And I promise once I finish Hanky I will post pictures of June and Hanky and a WIP pics of friends in country colors. By for now.

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