Monday, September 15, 2008

HD Hurray

Finally I have a happy dance.

On Saturday I finally finished June Pearl Fairy by Mirabilia, the final beading took a little longer than I thought it would because I made a mistake in the wings and had to pull out some of the beads.....beads are such a bitch to pull out, I basically just fiddled with it until it look right to me.

As well I worked on Hanky Pysanky on Sunday and finished everything but 2 1/2 symbols which I am working on today. I really wanted to finish this yesterday but we went grocery shopping and were gone for a couple hours so I ran out of time and now today I will be doing weeding when I get home so I might not finish tonight either but I'm okay with that since I will be taking friends in country colors on the train regardless if I finish or not and just finish the little bit leftover on Tuesday.

Everything will work out in the end LOL

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