Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm such an idiot

So as you can see I have completed changed my rotation and start pics in future. I came to the realization last night while inputting some of my new stash into my cross stitch program that I have been working nonstop on passione, mirabilia, haed, or ink circle patterns all year and pretty much ignored all the other beautiful patterns I owe (except for a couple small pieces). Now don't get me wrong the said patterns I've worked on are great but I have all this other stuff I could and should be working on too.

So I have completed changed my rotation; I have split it into 6 categories --- Passione, BAP, small, Mirabilia, magazines and Misc. So I will be doing a 2 week rotation on these 6 pieces and once the current piece has been completed I will be replacing that slot with another of the same designer. This is a similar system to Sooz on the Mirabiliastitchers BB.

Now the only category that will change from piece to piece is the Misc. category this category will range from a precious moments to American school of needlework to ink circle etc. whichever one I fancy because quite honestly I don't know what other category to put these under.... some precious moments are quite small but some are huge so of course they can't all go in small, some ink circle designs could be considered BAP but in the future I might get more of her designs and they could be small. So at least if I leave the category blank I can slip a variety of patterns into this slot without any problems and this will help me work through the variety of pattern I have that aren't Mirabilia, Passione or HAED.

I have also decided that the 3 Lavender & Lace patterns I have so far will be worked on in the Mirabilia slot too since I find them to be similar in setup and they are from a mom & daughter designer.

I promise to post finished pics of June and Hanky once I finish Hanky I've been on a roll with the bunnies so I haven't finished off Hanky yet like I promised myself I would. Also I promise to post some WIP pics to help remind myself of what I have done since the last 2 week rotation on a specific pics.

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