Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick and Tired

I am getting so sick and tired and everyone coming over to my desk and demanding to know where certain pleadings are.

#1 Certain lawyers don't let files out of their office so how exactly am I suppose to have the pleadings or even know what is going on on said file.

#2 I am not the only secretary in this office, so perhaps said lawyer should speak to both of us!!!!!

I love the looks I get when I say I don't know, or when the other secretary looks up from her personal email (I know, I know calling the kettle black) and goes what's going on. and then says I know where that stuff is I was organizing it last week (wouldn't want to share that information when the lawyer was first talking about it) but then goes back to her personal emails and directs me on the location of the file.....Oh I don't think so you last touched the file you can fuck'n well get the file yourself.....I know, I know I'm being petty but why am I always responsible for all the files when said lawyer comes out of his office. If she touched it last I feel this is something she should take responsibility for and answer his questions instead of me. I'm just so frustrated at her lack of helpfulness of late, I know she deals with the bills and I don't but come on I'm drowning here and she isn't lifting a finger to help me and seems to have a lot of time to deal with personal issues while at work.

Yesterday I got a little bitchy at one of the lawyers because she wanted one of her jobs done right away and I told her I couldn't get it done until Friday so then other secretary offers to help well honey, if you could help minimize my work load then I could get the job done faster but since you are offering to only complete the one assignment I don't think so......I won't let you take the glory for a quick assignment finish while I look like I've gotten nothing done. GRRRR. You know any other day this probably wouldn't bother me but right now it does.

I think I need to grow a stronger backbone and have the confidence to start giving her (other secretary) some jobs that I can't finish. She has done it to me in the past I should be able to do it to her. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

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