Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stupid people I work with

You know it's Tuesday....when everything goes wrong and everyone is pissing me off.

Now why exactly did we have an Ikon tech come to the office a few months ago and teach us to use the new copier/scan system if certain lawyers always come to me to scan their stupid fucking documents!!! I'm trying to get work done and you are interrupting me with your laziness and this specific lawyer wonders why I still haven't booked a discovery on a file she asked for 3 days ago....because each time I try to start the job you add another to my pile and demand that I finish it first. Then last night she gets all bitchy because I haven't booked the discovery yet....well honey fuck off and die and let me get my work done and I'll get to that job soon enough. As it is it's never easy to book anyway on this file nor is your schedule clear to do a discovery until February so telling me you want to do this ASAP doesn't work so perhaps you should look at your calendar before demanding things and stop looking so stupid.

And now the junior lawyer who know full well that I'm on my lunch comes up to me and starts handing me more assignment like buddy I'm eating fuck off. #1 filing happens in the morning not the afternoon, so you are late. #2 if you want a bill for documents you are going to have to give me more information than the pages copied, I need to know when they were made and I need to know what file they are on so that the bill makes sense for internal purposes because dollars to donuts the accountant would be bitching at me if it didn't make sense not the lawyer.

I so need a mental health day......or buy some more stash just for the hell of it.

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