Monday, September 29, 2008

WIP Update

Well I am very impressed with all the work I got done on friends in country colors pattern, I knew in the back of my mind that if I just sat down uninterrupted I could get a lot accomplished. Which is what I did this weekend. I am now about 54% done and I'm really happy about it, I had a tentative schedule of finishing it today but I'm disregarding that because I'm having such a great time I don't want to drag myself down with a deadline. I haven't felt this great about my cross stitch since the beginning of the year, so I am going to run with it if I finish the 3 patterns I want to to make my 2008 finishes equal 10 that will be great but it doesn't really matter if I don't It's all about the fun.

Overall I feel great enough about my cross stitch that I can go home at night and not work on it if I don't want to, I found that when I had a self imposed deadline I did nothing else and I couldn't get comfortable in my own room because of the mess and the pile of other things I wanted/needed to get done but couldn't because of the deadline and of course the deadline never got fulfilled and I was basically prolonging my agony. But now I'm at my happy place and now I can stitch and get my other tasks done too. The things I learn about myself.

I hope that made sense. LOL.

This week will be a week of Stash.... I have about 2 1/2 orders possibly coming this week HURRAY. I love getting stash even though I won't be working on the pattern the stash is to be used for for awhile, I just love getting it.

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