Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My body is trying to tell me something

For some reason I just feel like crap, I'm not sick, I haven't really had any bad days physically, I think I'm sleeping okay but I just feel like crap and it's been like this since Monday.

You know when you freshly wake up and do a long body stretch well I've been doing that for 3 days now every couple of hours and it's not helping to make me feel awake it's just telling me that my body hurts, I'm body exhausted especially yesterday and I'm not really hunger either. I really want to work on Winter Fairy Spirit but every time I sit down to work on it I'm too uncomfortable or just don't feel like it.....but I really want to work on it!!! What is going on???

Yesterday I just felt very blue and I didn't know why, feeling blue hasn't happened in so long even when I'm having issues with my father I don't physically feel blue. And now today I started getting funky back pains, now I'm well aware that I don't sit properly and I sit all day so having a stiff/sore back isn't surprising but this new pain is weird it's right below my bra down to my waist on the right side and it's just achy, poky kind of pain.

Maybe my body is stiffening up because of the weather change if that's the case I'm so not liking this or maybe I'm not sleeping in a proper position at night, I personally think I have too many pillow on my bed I use two and have 2 other pillows and a body pillow on the side of the bed because my bed is pulled out away from the wall so I do this so my book, glasses etc don't fall into between the bed and the wall and sometimes I wind up sleeping diagonally across my bed and this can't be good for the back. Now that I'm talking this through I think I will experiment - I'm going to take all my pillow off my bed except for ONE that I will use and try and sleep in the centre of my bed and just cover myself with my blanket not curl myself in them which in itself can't be good for my back.

It's really sad when my body has to scream at me for me to listen to it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just to tell you a little bit about myself I seem to be the person in my family that everyone dumps their problems on and I'm suppose to fix them, this used to be cute but now it's getting uncontrollable to the point that I'm sending myself into anxiety attacks and because I'm dealing with everyone else problems no one is helping me with mine which of course makes my anxiety attacks worse.

Anyway I received a call from my father at work on Friday which is quite surprising since he doesn't really have access to a phone while working, it was quite a pleasant conversion and I actually liked it but he had to go and ruin it by ending the conversation with "I have a question to ask you...will talk about it later".....Who the fuck says stuff like that and then hangs up. So now I'm worried something major is going on that I'm some how going to wind up being responsibly to fix.....since it always seems to wind up that way. I was so pissed off that I almost immediately called my mother to rant. In the past my father would include me in family problems but not tell my mom so I have been going out of my way to make sure she is included so he would have to actually talk to her about these things. So I called my mother and just started in on my father about how it was inappropriate to call me at work with bull shit problems, about the way he ended the conversion, why he thought I should be the one fixing the problem, why he still doesn't talk to her and so on and so forth, I felt very good at the end but what bothered me the most was I started crying halfway into the conversion because of the position he put me in.......I was disappointed in myself I thought I had gotten over the overly panicked feeling I get when these situations come up but obviously I have more work to do on myself.

I begrudgingly can help my father but I'm not happy about it and so I told him that I'm helping him under protest and he is inconveniencing me and told him this while in front of my mother so she is kept in the loop. If I had a stronger backbone I would have told him this was the last time I was going to help or something like that but I figure I should work on baby steps so I don't freak myself out again. Oh the DRAMA.

Anyway on Sunday I took my best friend out for her birthday lunch and chatted for a couple of hours, she is 5 months pregnant with her first baby and is loving it I'm so excited for her we both think she is having a girl and on November 4th she is getting one of those 3d ultrasound (a birthday gift from hubby) and then she will find out what she is having, originally she didn't want to know but has since changed her mind and I get to know too. I found the cuties little girls outfit at the mall on Saturday that I want to buy for her but I can't get it until I know what she is having.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It All Makes Sense Now

Well there has been a bit of a shake up a work this morning!!!!

Apparently the female partner/lawyer has been getting various tests done since July because of pain she was experiencing in her back. the Rheumatoid doctor told her there were two lesions in her spine and that this wasn't uncommon (WTF!!! anything in your spine is concerning). So she got a bone scan and this doctor tells her it looks to be cancer but the lesions aren't the primary location so now she's going to get a battery of tests to find out where it is, she just recently had a mammogram & biopsy that came back clean and now goes for a colonoscopy. She has been dealing with this by herself since July no one knew anything about it.

I'm just in shock.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Status of WIP

I was able to get a lot done on Winter Fairy Spirit this weekend. I guess that was the only advantage of being sick because I pretty much did nothing but stitch, except for Friday night I was so exhausted that I laid in bed and tried to cross stitch and all I did was fall asleep. I'm just glad that I didn't do too much and nothing required froggy.
So here is a picture that I took in Feb which was the last time I worked on it.

and here is the picture I took Saturday night.

I really love these Fairy Spirit designs they just flow and I think I can probably finish this pattern sooner then I thought I would but again I'm not rushing myself.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, That's Just Great

My father has had a cold/flu for about 2 weeks now and I thought I was in the clear and wasn't going to get it, well I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and it has been basically down hill from there because now this morning I feel like a mack truck has hit me, I can't breath, my sinuses are plugged and my eyes won't stop watery and since I spend my entire day in front of a computer screen this isn't going to be a very productive day. I was trying to do some stitching this morning on the train but it started raining and the sky became overcast and since the lights in the train aren't that bright after about 2 dozen stitches I couldn't take it anymore so I put the stitching away. I really want to finish the dark skirt part of Winter Fairy Spirit tonight but I'm not sure if my eyes will let me.

I don't mind being sick and even being sick enough to take a day off of work but what I do mind is not being productive on those days. If I can't cross stitch or read or something then I feel it's truly a wasted day and by the looks of this cold/flu that what it's going to be.......THANKS DAD. Silver Lining I'm glad it's Thursday and not Monday.

Come hell or high water I am going to Michael's this weekend!!!!! I got a 20% off coupon on my receipt last week so I'm going to use it this weekend and I don't care if I have to crawl out of my deathbed I'm going to get all the threads I need for the 4 kitted up projects I've put aside.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Election & Gov Money Grab

So as my title indicates today Canadians go to the polls to election a new Prime Minister and from my point of view all 4 candidates are idiots. None of their platforms satisfy me completely so I will be voting for the candidate that I am only 45% satisfied with. I find that if you live in Western Canada - the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and maybe a bit of Saskatchewan you are basically forgotten about by the politician and your problems are ignored, most of the time I feel like I am part of a suburb of Toronto. This kind of attitude pisses me off and until a politician respects the province I have chosen to call home I'm not going to stand up for his/her party.

Anyway in this particular election I am pissed off about the new rules/money grab they have come up with too. In this election you HAVE TO show a piece of ID with your current address on it. Well this is a bit of a sticky point for me, I do not have a drivers licence because I don't drive and my BC ID is from my late teens early 20's before they put expiry dates on it, (this is the money grab part). I don't feel I should have to get a new ID every 5 years like the drivers if I don't have to, I basically look the same and I lived in the same house for 12 years. To me this is just a money grab by the government since it costs $75 to get a new ID.

I find it humours that Costco won't accept my BC ID but the passport office did, my bank gets bitchy about the ID but to get a credit check it is no problem and when I got my passport I was on the verge of moving and I asked what I should do and I was told to put a post-it note with the new address over the old address, which is what I did. Long and short I have no ID with my current address on it so when I go to vote I will have to bring a utility bill, passport, BC ID and the voting card with me. No wonder the voting lines are always so long. Well at least I get to leave work early so I can get home and vote.

Now onto cross stitch. I was able to actually work on some stitch this weekend I split up my housework with working on Winter Fairy Spirit. So I got a huge amount of work done on Winter, I will have to take a WIP picture and post it as well as the finished picture of Friends in Country Colors. Just looking at the WIP for Winter in my previous post compared to what the picture looks like now is quite impressive if I do say so myself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

WIP pics

I have decided that my blog doesn't have enough pictures on it HAHA. Aside from pookie and the occasional finish I have no pics so I've decided to take a picture of all my WIP and post them so anyone reading my blog and see what I'm up to and as well this will remind me of what I need to work on. Kind of like a cheering squad for cross stitch.

My Lady of the Snow (top) & Winter Fairy Spirit both by Passione Ricamo

Woodland Enchantress Kit by Dimension (top) & Found by Lisa Victoria @ Heaven & Earth Designs

Cirque de Cercles by Ink Circle Designs (top) & Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine

I am currently working on Winter Fairy Spirit until it is finished and then hopefully slipping in Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett the rest of the patterns will be my main focus (I hope in 2009).

AND of course I can't add pictures to my blog without a picture of POOKIE she is just so great, she always makes me smile.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Thought

Finally I'm not the only staff member who thinks the junior lawyer is picking up bad and idiot behavior. He asked a client to come in yesterday morning to pick up their cheque but didn't tell the other secretary how to correctly spell the name and waited until the partner's weren't in the office, they are the only ones who can sign cheques. LOL so he was pacing the office waiting for one partner to come back from her appointment. The long and short of it is we had to courier the cheque to the client. Lesson of this story for junior lawyer is tell support staff what is going on and we can help ie write the cheque before senior lawyer goes to court.

This is an ongoing pattern of late and so far it hasn't resulted in a major screw up YET. But it's bound to happen unless he is told to stop, and it just pisses us off because of all the back tracking we the support staff have to do to complete the task.

I'm realizing that I'm turning into a really cranky person LOL I originally started this blog to chat about cross stitch but as of late I'm spending more time bitching then anything else. I guess I should take a chill pill or grab a life.

On to cross stitch: I have finished Friends in Country Colors and will be posting a picture this weekend. I am now working on Winter Fairy Spirit and I'm loving it, everything just flows together and the smallest amount of stitching makes such a big difference.

Unfortunately I'm on a cleaning frenzy this long weekend so I'm not sure how much stitching I'm get done depending how much cleaning gets done LOL.

added later. I can't believe it the senior lawyer just accused the other secretary of misplacing an important document. This from a guy who leaves documents on a boardroom table or floor under his desk and can't understand why he can't find anything.......I thought her head was going to explode, she riped a mini strip off him and basically told him that she kept the files organized because he can't be bothered and if anything goes missing it's his fault not hers HAHAHA. She's in the copy room right now thinking of ways to kill him. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't been impressed with his lack luster organizational skills and how easily he blames us when something goes missing or wrong with his computer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well as the title suggests there isn't anything going on right now except for doing the finishing touches on backing stitching for friends in country colors, it is tedious and annoying at this point and any other time I would have push this picture aside and started working on something else but I'm bound and determine to pick up better habits with my cross stitch and not do that anymore. Once the picture is finished it will be #8 for this year.

So I have decided that since I had a slump this year and am trying to be more positive with my cross stitch so I won't feel bad when I only get 9 pictures done this year since I only got 9 done last year, so at least I'm the same and not backwards with finishes.

This year is just a bad year so anything I've accomplished is a good thing.

Well I have nothing else to say maybe later I will be more chatty.