Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Election & Gov Money Grab

So as my title indicates today Canadians go to the polls to election a new Prime Minister and from my point of view all 4 candidates are idiots. None of their platforms satisfy me completely so I will be voting for the candidate that I am only 45% satisfied with. I find that if you live in Western Canada - the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia and maybe a bit of Saskatchewan you are basically forgotten about by the politician and your problems are ignored, most of the time I feel like I am part of a suburb of Toronto. This kind of attitude pisses me off and until a politician respects the province I have chosen to call home I'm not going to stand up for his/her party.

Anyway in this particular election I am pissed off about the new rules/money grab they have come up with too. In this election you HAVE TO show a piece of ID with your current address on it. Well this is a bit of a sticky point for me, I do not have a drivers licence because I don't drive and my BC ID is from my late teens early 20's before they put expiry dates on it, (this is the money grab part). I don't feel I should have to get a new ID every 5 years like the drivers if I don't have to, I basically look the same and I lived in the same house for 12 years. To me this is just a money grab by the government since it costs $75 to get a new ID.

I find it humours that Costco won't accept my BC ID but the passport office did, my bank gets bitchy about the ID but to get a credit check it is no problem and when I got my passport I was on the verge of moving and I asked what I should do and I was told to put a post-it note with the new address over the old address, which is what I did. Long and short I have no ID with my current address on it so when I go to vote I will have to bring a utility bill, passport, BC ID and the voting card with me. No wonder the voting lines are always so long. Well at least I get to leave work early so I can get home and vote.

Now onto cross stitch. I was able to actually work on some stitch this weekend I split up my housework with working on Winter Fairy Spirit. So I got a huge amount of work done on Winter, I will have to take a WIP picture and post it as well as the finished picture of Friends in Country Colors. Just looking at the WIP for Winter in my previous post compared to what the picture looks like now is quite impressive if I do say so myself.

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