Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My body is trying to tell me something

For some reason I just feel like crap, I'm not sick, I haven't really had any bad days physically, I think I'm sleeping okay but I just feel like crap and it's been like this since Monday.

You know when you freshly wake up and do a long body stretch well I've been doing that for 3 days now every couple of hours and it's not helping to make me feel awake it's just telling me that my body hurts, I'm body exhausted especially yesterday and I'm not really hunger either. I really want to work on Winter Fairy Spirit but every time I sit down to work on it I'm too uncomfortable or just don't feel like it.....but I really want to work on it!!! What is going on???

Yesterday I just felt very blue and I didn't know why, feeling blue hasn't happened in so long even when I'm having issues with my father I don't physically feel blue. And now today I started getting funky back pains, now I'm well aware that I don't sit properly and I sit all day so having a stiff/sore back isn't surprising but this new pain is weird it's right below my bra down to my waist on the right side and it's just achy, poky kind of pain.

Maybe my body is stiffening up because of the weather change if that's the case I'm so not liking this or maybe I'm not sleeping in a proper position at night, I personally think I have too many pillow on my bed I use two and have 2 other pillows and a body pillow on the side of the bed because my bed is pulled out away from the wall so I do this so my book, glasses etc don't fall into between the bed and the wall and sometimes I wind up sleeping diagonally across my bed and this can't be good for the back. Now that I'm talking this through I think I will experiment - I'm going to take all my pillow off my bed except for ONE that I will use and try and sleep in the centre of my bed and just cover myself with my blanket not curl myself in them which in itself can't be good for my back.

It's really sad when my body has to scream at me for me to listen to it.

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