Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well as the title suggests there isn't anything going on right now except for doing the finishing touches on backing stitching for friends in country colors, it is tedious and annoying at this point and any other time I would have push this picture aside and started working on something else but I'm bound and determine to pick up better habits with my cross stitch and not do that anymore. Once the picture is finished it will be #8 for this year.

So I have decided that since I had a slump this year and am trying to be more positive with my cross stitch so I won't feel bad when I only get 9 pictures done this year since I only got 9 done last year, so at least I'm the same and not backwards with finishes.

This year is just a bad year so anything I've accomplished is a good thing.

Well I have nothing else to say maybe later I will be more chatty.

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