Saturday, October 11, 2008

WIP pics

I have decided that my blog doesn't have enough pictures on it HAHA. Aside from pookie and the occasional finish I have no pics so I've decided to take a picture of all my WIP and post them so anyone reading my blog and see what I'm up to and as well this will remind me of what I need to work on. Kind of like a cheering squad for cross stitch.

My Lady of the Snow (top) & Winter Fairy Spirit both by Passione Ricamo

Woodland Enchantress Kit by Dimension (top) & Found by Lisa Victoria @ Heaven & Earth Designs

Cirque de Cercles by Ink Circle Designs (top) & Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine

I am currently working on Winter Fairy Spirit until it is finished and then hopefully slipping in Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett the rest of the patterns will be my main focus (I hope in 2009).

AND of course I can't add pictures to my blog without a picture of POOKIE she is just so great, she always makes me smile.

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