Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cross Stitch Idiot

You would figure after 15+ years of cross stitching I would know the difference between 18 and 16 count Aida.......Apparently I don't.

Let me explain, when my Nana died we went through her cross stitch stuff and divided it between the grand daughters that cross stitched, {which is bascially me and my cousin in Kelowna} well my cousin in Kelowna has decided to give up on cross stitch because she doesn't have the time anymore and I'm the only one that works on 18 count [my mom stitches on 16 ct and my aunt on 14 ct] so my aunt sent down a package to me with various pieces of fabric I never questioned that all the fabric was 18 count because I knew it was coming from my cousin. So on the weekend I kitted up Tiger Lily and decided to use a piece of white from the new stash of fabric, so I just measured out a piece and cut it never thinking that I should check to see what count it was.

So I've been working on the pattern for about 3 hours; {thank God I decided to concentrate more on getting the beading done on WFS} and I notice that the squares look quite larger than WFS, now I'm wondering if it's just my eyes playing tricks on me or I've been working on hand dyed fabric too long and that's why it looks different. So I get to work and bring out my handy dandy rule and count how many squares there are in an inch and do you know how many there were.......SIXTEEN........ yup I'm working on 16 ct when I thought it was 18 ct.

I'm so glad I always count a 3 inch border around my pictures for when I eventually frame them if I hadn't I would have had to frog the whole thing, as it stands there is still a 3 inch border width wise but only a 2.25 inch border lengthwise. So now I'm going to have to take every piece of new fabric I received and double check they are 18 count STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Well at least I'm still enjoying beading on Winter Fairy Spirit and I'm going through it pretty fast and will definitely be finished this weekend.

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