Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well I have to say this past 4 day long weekend went perfectly. I was able to finish all the regular stitching on WFS and started beading right away and kitted up Tiger Lily - NC and started working on it this weekend too.

It worked out that Sat/Sun was for other tasks and Mon/Tues was for cross stitch it was great I can't believe how many tasks I got done, I was able to really clean up my living space and do a couple chores that weren't even on the list and I was so relaxed that when I got a little bug eyed about beading I was able to switch in Tiger Lily and do some regular stitching, this helped so much that I got twice as much beading done then what I thought I would accomplish, my goal is to finish WFS by the Nov 21st but I think I can finish her by the 16th instead.

I am so happy with the tasks I accomplished that I already have about 5 new ones that I want to do now, it is so funny once I clean up an area I see other parts that I want to clean and/or organize because of it, mostly these task are how to better organize my stash and ever growing book and DVD collections LOL.

Well I finally took a finished pics of friends in country colors which I'm hoping to post up here either with WFS or before, we will see.

I was also able to start my Christmas shopping......I'm just not in the mood this year so this is a great accomplishment.

PS My best friends is having a BOY.....totally unexpected she was having dreams about it being a girl. She was totally shocked and really happy about it. I'm going to have to reign myself in and not go out and get baby presents until he arrives LOL

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