Friday, November 7, 2008

WFS update

Well I just wanted to stop in and give a little update on Winter Fairy Spirit. I am about 80% completed I just have the last light blue section of the skirt to complete and a couple forgotten metallic stitches and then it's just the beading.

Since I have a 4 day long weekend because senior lawyer kindly asked if I wanted Monday off HELL YA!!! I've made myself a to do list of household, craft and other tasks to fill my day.....things I've been pushing off like labelling my new hand dyed fabric (21 pieces). Riping up all the UK xstitch magazines (I divide the patterns between my mom, my aunt and myself), getting rid of the recycling that has accumulated, cutting up perforated paper and vacuuming. I've decided to be properly productive I have to do 1 hour chore 1 hour stitch. So unless I get hit my lightening I should be beading by Monday. Now I don't take any pictures on the train that need to be beaded because the rocking motion of the train sabotages the process so I now get to kit up Tiger Lily (nora corbett) so I can take it with me for Monday.

Rain Rain go away come back another day.....but I think it's perfect weather for a stay home long weekend

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