Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Pictures

Here are pictures 10 & 11 from 2008.

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle by Lizzie Kate

Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett

I am currently doing the last bits of Lizzie Kate's Christmas Double Flip which I will consider being completed in 2008 since 90% will be done before midnight.

First thing on the menu in 2009 is to complete How does your garden grow by Papillon Creations and kitting up Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia.

Happy New Years everyone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My poor Pookie

Well Christmas sort of started out with an awful bang.

On the 23rd my mother called me at work because pookie aspirated a wet burp in her sleep and started crying. I calmly told my mom that if it was a bit of vomit I would cry too since it probably burned her nose, I think my mom just needed reassurance about what had happened I probably wasn't much help. though.

Then when I got home pookie raced towards me to say hello and started walking backwards in a drunken stooper and then passed out we all thought she was having a seizure, when it was finished she started crying and it just broke my heart. She had another one later on that night, I thought she just walked into the door while walking into a dark room until she hit the door twice and went limp. Then on the 24th she raced up the stairs to say good morning to everyone, sat on my mom's foot and did it again we were so concerned for her that we took her with us to my Aunt's on Christmas Eve and basically followed her around the house all night. Then on Christmas Day she had 3 episodes and her breathing was very laboured and she was making noises when she was breathing, we were so stressed out by this we really didn't enjoy Christmas and we all were wishing there was an animal hospital open but of course being Christmas Day they weren't.

Yesterday was a much better day she lasted until 8:28 pm before having one and it was right after running up the stairs, my sister followed her to make sure she was okay, pookie was about to walk down the stairs but stopped herself and backed away from the stairs and walked to the middle of the hall wall and passed out, she obviously felt something coming on.

We took her to the vet this morning and it was determined that she didn't have seizures she was fainting because she has a heart condition and the vet could hear a heart murmur, she also has fluid in her lungs which is why her breathing is laboured and she was fainting after she exerting herself and wasn't getting the oxygen she needed. We left pookie with the vet for 2 hours so they could get x-rays to confirm the condition. The vet also mentioned that she had probably had it for awhile but we only know about it now because of the fluid in her lungs. My mom started crying as soon as we left the vet, as soon as she heard heart she figured it was a death sentence. So my father and I went to pick her up later because my mom was still upset we got to see her x-rays and yes her heart is enlarged but not as much as the vet thought it would be, the vet was very happy with what she saw considering the circumstances, as well the fluid in her lung isn't very bad either. The vet was very informative she said that having a heart condition is common in small breeds and putting her on medication will help so it isn't a death sentence at all which is what my mom needed to hear, once we heard the relatively good news my father started crying in relief (as you can tell pookie owns us lock stock and barrel). So pookie has been prescribed a diuretic and heart medication, she is suppose to take it easy with no more running up the stairs (we have actually blocked them) or jumping on the furniture without benches, she is to have a low salt diet too. The vet wants to see her in two weeks to see if the fluid is gone from her lungs. I guess the parents and I are just going to have to accept that pookie is a senior dog not a puppy anymore, she is 14 years old.

This was definitely not the Christmas I wanted to experience but since 2008 has sucked for me why am I not surprised this happened and even though my brother came to Christmas which he hasn't done in 5 years the excitement about that was lost because of the issues with pookie.

I just hope 2009 is much better for mom, dad, pookie and me.

I probably won't post anything else in 2008 except for pictures so Happy New Year everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Snowning

Well as my title suggests it is snowing again in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. It started last night and is continuing all day today, we will definitely have a white Christmas this year LOL. The only problem I have with this beautiful snow is I still have two days of work left before my holidays kick in, I have a couple things on my work to do list that I want to do before my holidays that I'm not sure if I'll be able to do now if I can't get into work. I might give it a try tomorrow and see how the buses are running but if I can't get into work I'll just log in from home and see what I can do without actually being at my desk. The major reason I want to go to work tomorrow is to get my pay cheque :) since I won't be there on the 30th I can get my cheque now, hopefully it is a difficult commute per say and that that lawyers tell me to go home if I can at least make it to work one day I can scan all my notes and email them to myself and try and get some sort of work done....I can't help but feel a little guilty since my desk still looks like a bomb went off on it.

As for cross stitch I was able to pick it up but then I noticed a mistake and had to froggy the entire word "tree" because it didn't line up and I couldn't just leave it but now I can caught up and am working away on it......the plus side for a snow day is I can get more stitching done....LOL.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Done

Well the last person on my Christmas list is now done, I had a brain storm on what to get him and consulted another family member who agreed with my final decision, so I am officially FINISHED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Just in time for British Columbia to be hit with a snow storm LOL

The snow really didn't look too bad when it was coming down but geeze the problems it caused. The snow started falling Tuesday night around 10:30 pm and intermittently continued all Wednesday. Now I realize that some people have a hard time driving in the snow but when your occupation is a bus driver you should be able to handle it and if you can't call in sick and have someone else take your routine, this is what happened to me yesterday the bus was 5 mins late picking me up and since I take the last train in to Vancouver in the morning I need to get to the station on time or I have to take 2 buses to work which potentially adds 1 h 45 mins to 2 hours to my commute. Well this driver was seriously afraid of driving in the snow she kept on slowing down for no reason, and we were becoming more and more late to the train station, I'm sorry when a Honda can speed past you on a hill you the bus driver are the problem not the roads. Anyway we were about 4 blocks from the train station when the train drove past us, surprisingly the train waited for a couple minutes for late arrivals but instead of honking her horn to make sure the train waited for us she just kept on slowly driving so of course the conductor didn't think we needed the train so 18 passengers missed the train I was so pissed off.

But as luck would have it one of the passengers was going to drive in and had room for 4 more passengers in his car so I got a ride in instead of taking the bus, I was only 15 mins late for work, we used the HOV lanes all the way to Vancouver which really helped and he had no problem driving in the snow I also left early for work which was a little problematic too because everyone else in Vancouver did too LOL. Then my parents and I did the Christmas grocery shopping (except for the veggies) and there were only about a dozen other shoppers in the store so our trip was quite painless.

Anyway I have been slowly working on L*K Christmas double flip and am currently working on 'tree' I hope I can get a lot done this weekend now that I have no shopping to do, either way I will continue working on it all through the Christmas holidays since I will be off from December 24 to January 5 and then start my 2009 rotation right away.

If I remember I will post pictures of the final pictures of 2008 before the end of the year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well it's been a week since I posted and I'm happy to report I feel so much better about Christmas shopping now LOL because I'm finished except for one person who is being uncooperative. Now the uncooperative person I'm going to make a list of things I think he will like and then call him up and make him pick on the spot, if not I'll pick out what I think he should have. I am so busy next week it's going to be difficult for me to get out to shop so I have to time it just right.

On the cross stitch is laughable, I haven't touched Tiger Lily since the weekend, I know I could have been finished by now but I'm so busy trying to get all my Christmas tasks done that I have had to sacrifice all my home cross stitch time. The stitching I have done has been on the Lizzie Kate Christmas double flip on the train and I've only been able to complete the HOLLY square, it didn't take too long but I could have done it fast if I was able to work on it during my lunch breaks too but alas Christmas tasks fill up my lunch time too. We are going to a Caroling party this weekend so I am going to take it L*K with me and hopefully I can finish one or two while I'm there.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shopping Idiots

Now don't get me wrong I love shopping 365 days of the year, for me or for a friend/family I just loving shopping. Most of the time at Christmas it is still quite enjoyable even if everyone and their dog is shopping too. But today was not one of those days

I am looking for Kung Fu Panda double pack DVD for a Christmas gift, it's the one with a 'fighting fist' second movie. I go online and Future Shop in Vancouver states that it has the movie in stock so on my lunch break I trek 6 blocks to Future Shop and I can't find it anywhere, so I ask the useless sales people to help (this of course is after I actually find one) and on their internal computer system it states that they have 25 copies but do you think the stupid salesperson could find them? NO, but considering he didn't look very hard I'm not he proclaims that they must be out of stock....Umm buddy your computer says there are 25 you can't be out of stock. I also explain to him that their website says they have them in stock too! explain that to me buddy. He proceeds to tell me that the best thing to do is call before I come over because the website isn't always up to date. Now I can understand that if I had checked it on Monday and then went over on a Friday it might not be accurate anymore but I check the website 10 mins before I left the office, considering what time of year it is I don't think this is acceptable and besides what is the point of having a website if you don't keep it up to date?

So now I will be going to Future Shop in Coquitlam to get the DVD, good thing I will be in the area and the sales people are 100% better then in Vancouver. At this point I just want to be finished shopping before I get anymore pissed off then I already am.

On a happy note I am almost finish L*K Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle, I just have the letters g, l, & e to finish and I'm going to put some silver kreinik blending filament on the word Tinsel to spruce it up and then I'm done, I also plan on finishing Tiger Lily this weekend too so hopefully the next post I have will have photos. Also if I have time I also want to finish building my first biscornu. I feel so much better when I'm productive.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More of the Same

My own personal Vent:

Last time I checked I wasn't the only secretary working in the firm. So when you start asking about court hearings coming up and I tell you I'm not involved I meant it!!! I did not set it up nor do I have any of the documents, I haven't secretly built the paperwork and am hiding it from you, so stop asking me about the hearing I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I told you 2 months ago we need to talk to junior lawyer and remind him to inform us when hearings are set so we can be prepared, you told me not to worry about it he just forgot, no he didn't!!!!!! you don't forget to tell your secretary about 7 hearings, this is an ongoing problem that you as office manager need to deal with.

Just because another firm asks for copies of documents doesn't mean it is only my responsibility you make copies of things too start keeping some of the tasks for yourself, I've told you I'm super busy and can't keep up. This is why I didn't help you with the Christmas Tree and I don't care if you were pissed off that I didn't help I had no time......

Stop talking to me about your after hours activities and complaining that you have no time for them, you choose to join these groups so suck it up and I'm too busy to listen!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And So it Starts

It is now December and I could care a less. I am not in the Christmas Spirit, this year has just been a bad year for me heath and stress wise so I'm not even going to bother trying to put myself in the spirit. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the days I get off between Christmas and New Years...LOL.

At least I was able to finish my Christmas baking, the last cookie I baked didn't turn out but that is okay since I have made 3 other kinds and am baking Rice Crispy squares closer to Christmas.

I am almost 3/4 of the way through my Christmas shopping too.

I have also downgraded Tiger Lily to a home picture now since there is only a couple regular stitches left to do and then it's back stitching and beading. So I have chosen 2 Lizzie Kate Christmas patterns to work on the train till the end of the year. First one is Don't get your tinsel in a tangle and the second is the LK Christmas Double Flip they are quite fun to stitch so far which is great. I am hoping to finish TL by December 10 and LK Tinsel by the end of the week.

Well that is it for now.