Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shopping Idiots

Now don't get me wrong I love shopping 365 days of the year, for me or for a friend/family I just loving shopping. Most of the time at Christmas it is still quite enjoyable even if everyone and their dog is shopping too. But today was not one of those days

I am looking for Kung Fu Panda double pack DVD for a Christmas gift, it's the one with a 'fighting fist' second movie. I go online and Future Shop in Vancouver states that it has the movie in stock so on my lunch break I trek 6 blocks to Future Shop and I can't find it anywhere, so I ask the useless sales people to help (this of course is after I actually find one) and on their internal computer system it states that they have 25 copies but do you think the stupid salesperson could find them? NO, but considering he didn't look very hard I'm not he proclaims that they must be out of stock....Umm buddy your computer says there are 25 you can't be out of stock. I also explain to him that their website says they have them in stock too! explain that to me buddy. He proceeds to tell me that the best thing to do is call before I come over because the website isn't always up to date. Now I can understand that if I had checked it on Monday and then went over on a Friday it might not be accurate anymore but I check the website 10 mins before I left the office, considering what time of year it is I don't think this is acceptable and besides what is the point of having a website if you don't keep it up to date?

So now I will be going to Future Shop in Coquitlam to get the DVD, good thing I will be in the area and the sales people are 100% better then in Vancouver. At this point I just want to be finished shopping before I get anymore pissed off then I already am.

On a happy note I am almost finish L*K Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle, I just have the letters g, l, & e to finish and I'm going to put some silver kreinik blending filament on the word Tinsel to spruce it up and then I'm done, I also plan on finishing Tiger Lily this weekend too so hopefully the next post I have will have photos. Also if I have time I also want to finish building my first biscornu. I feel so much better when I'm productive.

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