Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Done

Well the last person on my Christmas list is now done, I had a brain storm on what to get him and consulted another family member who agreed with my final decision, so I am officially FINISHED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Just in time for British Columbia to be hit with a snow storm LOL

The snow really didn't look too bad when it was coming down but geeze the problems it caused. The snow started falling Tuesday night around 10:30 pm and intermittently continued all Wednesday. Now I realize that some people have a hard time driving in the snow but when your occupation is a bus driver you should be able to handle it and if you can't call in sick and have someone else take your routine, this is what happened to me yesterday the bus was 5 mins late picking me up and since I take the last train in to Vancouver in the morning I need to get to the station on time or I have to take 2 buses to work which potentially adds 1 h 45 mins to 2 hours to my commute. Well this driver was seriously afraid of driving in the snow she kept on slowing down for no reason, and we were becoming more and more late to the train station, I'm sorry when a Honda can speed past you on a hill you the bus driver are the problem not the roads. Anyway we were about 4 blocks from the train station when the train drove past us, surprisingly the train waited for a couple minutes for late arrivals but instead of honking her horn to make sure the train waited for us she just kept on slowly driving so of course the conductor didn't think we needed the train so 18 passengers missed the train I was so pissed off.

But as luck would have it one of the passengers was going to drive in and had room for 4 more passengers in his car so I got a ride in instead of taking the bus, I was only 15 mins late for work, we used the HOV lanes all the way to Vancouver which really helped and he had no problem driving in the snow I also left early for work which was a little problematic too because everyone else in Vancouver did too LOL. Then my parents and I did the Christmas grocery shopping (except for the veggies) and there were only about a dozen other shoppers in the store so our trip was quite painless.

Anyway I have been slowly working on L*K Christmas double flip and am currently working on 'tree' I hope I can get a lot done this weekend now that I have no shopping to do, either way I will continue working on it all through the Christmas holidays since I will be off from December 24 to January 5 and then start my 2009 rotation right away.

If I remember I will post pictures of the final pictures of 2008 before the end of the year.

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