Thursday, December 4, 2008

More of the Same

My own personal Vent:

Last time I checked I wasn't the only secretary working in the firm. So when you start asking about court hearings coming up and I tell you I'm not involved I meant it!!! I did not set it up nor do I have any of the documents, I haven't secretly built the paperwork and am hiding it from you, so stop asking me about the hearing I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I told you 2 months ago we need to talk to junior lawyer and remind him to inform us when hearings are set so we can be prepared, you told me not to worry about it he just forgot, no he didn't!!!!!! you don't forget to tell your secretary about 7 hearings, this is an ongoing problem that you as office manager need to deal with.

Just because another firm asks for copies of documents doesn't mean it is only my responsibility you make copies of things too start keeping some of the tasks for yourself, I've told you I'm super busy and can't keep up. This is why I didn't help you with the Christmas Tree and I don't care if you were pissed off that I didn't help I had no time......

Stop talking to me about your after hours activities and complaining that you have no time for them, you choose to join these groups so suck it up and I'm too busy to listen!!!

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