Saturday, December 27, 2008

My poor Pookie

Well Christmas sort of started out with an awful bang.

On the 23rd my mother called me at work because pookie aspirated a wet burp in her sleep and started crying. I calmly told my mom that if it was a bit of vomit I would cry too since it probably burned her nose, I think my mom just needed reassurance about what had happened I probably wasn't much help. though.

Then when I got home pookie raced towards me to say hello and started walking backwards in a drunken stooper and then passed out we all thought she was having a seizure, when it was finished she started crying and it just broke my heart. She had another one later on that night, I thought she just walked into the door while walking into a dark room until she hit the door twice and went limp. Then on the 24th she raced up the stairs to say good morning to everyone, sat on my mom's foot and did it again we were so concerned for her that we took her with us to my Aunt's on Christmas Eve and basically followed her around the house all night. Then on Christmas Day she had 3 episodes and her breathing was very laboured and she was making noises when she was breathing, we were so stressed out by this we really didn't enjoy Christmas and we all were wishing there was an animal hospital open but of course being Christmas Day they weren't.

Yesterday was a much better day she lasted until 8:28 pm before having one and it was right after running up the stairs, my sister followed her to make sure she was okay, pookie was about to walk down the stairs but stopped herself and backed away from the stairs and walked to the middle of the hall wall and passed out, she obviously felt something coming on.

We took her to the vet this morning and it was determined that she didn't have seizures she was fainting because she has a heart condition and the vet could hear a heart murmur, she also has fluid in her lungs which is why her breathing is laboured and she was fainting after she exerting herself and wasn't getting the oxygen she needed. We left pookie with the vet for 2 hours so they could get x-rays to confirm the condition. The vet also mentioned that she had probably had it for awhile but we only know about it now because of the fluid in her lungs. My mom started crying as soon as we left the vet, as soon as she heard heart she figured it was a death sentence. So my father and I went to pick her up later because my mom was still upset we got to see her x-rays and yes her heart is enlarged but not as much as the vet thought it would be, the vet was very happy with what she saw considering the circumstances, as well the fluid in her lung isn't very bad either. The vet was very informative she said that having a heart condition is common in small breeds and putting her on medication will help so it isn't a death sentence at all which is what my mom needed to hear, once we heard the relatively good news my father started crying in relief (as you can tell pookie owns us lock stock and barrel). So pookie has been prescribed a diuretic and heart medication, she is suppose to take it easy with no more running up the stairs (we have actually blocked them) or jumping on the furniture without benches, she is to have a low salt diet too. The vet wants to see her in two weeks to see if the fluid is gone from her lungs. I guess the parents and I are just going to have to accept that pookie is a senior dog not a puppy anymore, she is 14 years old.

This was definitely not the Christmas I wanted to experience but since 2008 has sucked for me why am I not surprised this happened and even though my brother came to Christmas which he hasn't done in 5 years the excitement about that was lost because of the issues with pookie.

I just hope 2009 is much better for mom, dad, pookie and me.

I probably won't post anything else in 2008 except for pictures so Happy New Year everyone.

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