Monday, January 12, 2009


Well after much delay I finally completed my first Biscornu and I would say I give myself a 4.5 out of 10 on the results. The below average score has nothing to do with the instructions I was using it was me. I did the biscornu on 18 count Aida so I should have done the back stitch line around the design with 3 strands of floss instead of 2 because I felt kind of clumsy and a couple times I pierced the fabric, which you aren't suppose to do. I also took to heart the instructions to not overfill the biscornu which could lead to a hard time closing it so I only put in half the fluff that I wanted too so it's kind of lopsided and very loose. My mom thinks the button I choose is too big but I kind of like the over sized button look so I'm okay with it. LOL. Either way I learned quite a lot from my first try at a biscornu and when I do my next one which I'm hoping will be later on this month I know exactly what to do.

This weekend I got quite a bit of stitching on Madonna of the Garden done but I was getting sick and tired of the mint green color of the baby's outfit so I moved to some stitching on the mom's dress instead. I think the overkill of stitching the mint green has me looking forward to rotating to the next picture and this is exactly why I set myself on a 2 week rotation, once I get to the bored feeling about a piece I switch it out for a different project and this way I never start disliking any picture in my rotation and not wanting to work on it anymore which is why some of my WIP are still WIP. As it stands I'm looking forward to working on ALL my WIP because it's been so long since I worked on any of them and during Christmas I worked on new patterns.

I plan on switching to My Lady of the Snow on Saturday and possibly be finish How does your garden grow so look for a picture post come Saturday. I'm still contemplating if I should post a before shot of MLOTS before I start working on her again, if I do take a pics it will be posted on Saturday as well.

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