Friday, January 16, 2009

First Rotation flip of 2009

So last night I put away Madonna of the Garden and switched to HAED Found and Cirque des Cercles, the switch is actually a day early but since I finished the section I wanted to do it seemed wrong to start a new section when I was going to stop working on it today anyway. I originally was going to switch to MLOTS but Found and CdC were screaming at me so I decided to follow the scream.

Since I will be working on 2 pieces at once I'm going to be doing a 4 week schedule this time and I will be alternating days between the two pictures. I pulled them out last night and realized that I'm really close to finishing page 1 on CdC LOL. My goal is to do 250 stitches per night, which shouldn't be to hard, especially on Found, I am working on the dark border area which is only two colors and then working inwards so I should be able to flip that out fairly quickly. What I like to do with HAED is find a large section that is only 1 or 2 colors and follow the colors up through various pages until the colors stop and then branch out to the confetti stitching of the same color and Found is definitely a pattern that this technique will work with. With CdC it's a bit more difficult, since I am using thread I can't wash I've covered the picture with acid free tissue paper to keep the dirt and oils from my hands to a minimum so I have the q-snaps over top of the tissue or fabric scraps I use (I alternate between tissue paper and fabric pieces) which makes working on the picture a little awkward and sometimes this pisses me off and I put the picture down sooner than I should, but I think I've found a way that will be more comfortable for me, I really want to make a lot of process on this picture this rotation slot.

I hope to be able to post a HD picture of how does your garden grow and a current status picture of Madonna of the Garden when I get home from work, till then TTYL.

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