Friday, January 9, 2009

Nothing Special

Well it's January 9th and I've already decided to change up my rotation a bit LOL.

I am actually doing two pictures at once, this hasn't really worked for me in the past but I'm giving it a new try. I decided to try again because I really wanted to start a new start on January 1st (which I did) but I also wanted to finish how does your garden grow by Papillon Creations too, so I decided I could do both if I went back to my train and home picture rotation that I had going in 2007. I think the problem I was having back in 2007 was trying to take a huge project like mirabilia, passione or a dimension kit on the train, I think because these patterns have over 30 threads and are worked on a large piece of fabric they were cumbersome and awkward on the train and this is why my pictures get so dirty, so I have decided since I already have picked small, medium, large and BAP for my rotation this year I will simply divide my rotation up between train and home projects. I also decided that I will work on the train pictures from start to finish and home pictures will stay on original rotation schedule, which is working on a WIP for a minimum of 2 weeks before switching and only working on 5 pieces in my rotation at a time, so hopefully this can be the best of both worlds for me and help me get a lot done on persistent WIP that I don't seem to work on very long.

On other news I've changed around the coloring on my blog and so far so good, I might still do some tweaking though... I haven't decided yet. I did do too much tweaking already and lost my blog roll which really pissed me off since I didn't have a master list of the blogs written down anywhere, but the funny thing is once I sat down and tried to recall the blogs I read it was pretty easy to get them back. I basically found one right away and then scrolled down her blog list and found a couple more, then I started writing down the funny named blogs I could remember, then the person name, then if they have pets their pet name (you would be surprised how quickly a pets name pops up on a Google search), it only took me about 2 1/2 hours to find then again because of course I have to read the blogs as I find them which is also why I have a couple new ones as well LOL. I can't guarantee that I got all my blogs back but I figure if I can't remember anything about them to help in the search then they aren't blogs I should still have on my list anyway.

that it for now.

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