Thursday, January 1, 2009

The year of consistency

I started this post months before the New Year to remind myself what I wanted to accomplish in 2009. Aside from moving into my own apartment, I also wanted to accomplish quite a few things on the cross stitch front, but the closer I got to 2009 the more I realized that when I make stupid goals like this I take the enjoyment out of actually cross stitching and I'm more interested in the finish and not the journey, so I have completely changed my mind and I minimized my goals to really only deal with WIP in both scrap booking and cross stitching and with only a few new starts. So hopefully I won't mess this up too much as the year progresses.

  1. Finish cross stitch scrapbook page undated 1&2
  2. Finish cross stitch scrapbook page 2001
  3. Finish cross stitch scrapbook page 2003
  4. Finish How does my garden grow SAL by Papillon....probably finish first week Jan
  5. Finish My Lady of the Snow by Passione
  6. Start & finish Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia
  7. Do Christmas cards for 2009, I'm thinking of about in progress throughout the year.
  8. Finish Cirque de cercles by Ink Circle
  9. Start & finish Nutcracker by Mill Hill, tiny little kit completely doable.
  10. Start & finish Ice Tea, CCN, small kit completely doable on a weekend.
  11. Finish my color conversion for Celtic Winter by Lavender & Lace...most likely a 2010 finish
  12. Finish adding in all magazine patterns into cross stitch program
  13. Work on Egyptian Garden in 2009
  14. Try some new finishes for my cross stitch designs [pinkeep, flat flat, pillows, ornaments etc.]
  15. Keep my cross stitch stuff in a more central location so I can keep it nice and tidy.

Well I didn't thin down as much as I thought I would but I think my list is quite manageable now that I have put everything into prospective.

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