Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am sick and tired of the younger generations not respecting their elders, and this comment is directed at my generation as well.

My father is 60 years old, he has worked in the tire and car industry all his working life so I personally think he is fairly knowledgeable in his field, he is also quite anal retentive in organizing his stuff be it computer pieces or tools. Now one would hope that an employer would tap into his knowledge, but alas they are not, he offers wisdom to organize the car lot and they shoot him down, he questions the cost of non reusable products and suggests a reusable alternative and again he is shot down this is frustrating for him, but that is just the nature of his occupation someone else knows better than you because they wear a suit and my dad wearing greasy overall. WHATEVER.....

My problem with respect is this - one of my father's supervisors is a prick, and I think is in his mid 40's, he wants his car's done before anyone else, he customers have to be catered too before anyone else and he is always right. My father was told by some of his co-workers that this guy was a piece of work, but what my father wasn't told is that this guy doesn't like anyone standing up against him when you talk to him, you are all suppose to be yes men and not have a unique thought in your head, well being a 60 year old man my father has thought in his head and will stand up for himself if you insult him. Well this supervisor didn't like this and tried to get my dad fired for it. It's a good thing the other supervisor and the lot manager went to bat for Dad or he would be out of a job.

My blood is boiling about this if my dad was in the wrong you tell him you don't belittle and insult him and expect him to take it, my father has earned the right to stand up for himself.

Now don't get me wrong my father isn't completely blameless but I don't think a personal should be penalized for speaking their mind or defending themselves against verbal attacks.

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