Thursday, March 19, 2009

Touching Base

Well it was my intention to post a few days ago but I've come down with a flu/cold bug that has knocked me on my ass, looking at a computer screen is pure torture and because I know myself very well I haven't touched either of my cross stitch projects all week.....I just don't feel like tearing everything out again LOL because it will be loaded with mistakes.

Anyway before I got sick I had taken a pause from my current projects to stitch on something new, I was worried that if I didn't take a break I would put myself in a stitching slump and I didn't want that to happen. As it turned out stitching on two different WIP worked wonders and now I am refreshed and ready to go on MLOTS and Iced Tea - LHN again. My two replacement pics were Found - HAED and Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine, I made a nice dent into both of them, my goal wasn't to finish a page or a section I just wanted to stitch on something. When I get a chance I will upload updated WIP photos, till then bye for now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WIP status

TADA my WIP and recent finishes

Blackwork Maze - Seba Designs

Brittercup Seasonal Motif II - spring #1

Brittercup Seasonal Motif II - summer #2

LHN Iced Tea

MLOTS - Passione Ricamo

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

I can't believe it is March already and I haven't blogged in a week. So much has happened with my BFF that I really didn't have time to sit down and chat about it.

So as I mentioned in my previous post my BFF had a baby boy on Friday February 20th via c-section, was released from the hospital the evening of the 22nd, then she had social time with every family member imaginable....not exactly her intention though. She unfortunately did too much and her incision got infected. When I visited with her on the 26th she had started leaking from the incision and had an appointment the next day with her surgeon, BFF was quite concerned about it and just felt like crap. After seeing her surgeon she was started on IV antibiotic every 12 hours at the hospital. When I spoke to her at her baby shower on Sunday she mentioned that she didn't realize how crappy she actually felt until she started feeling better, she just thought the blurred vision and body ache was the fact that she was sleep deprived. LOL. No, BFF you body is scream for medicine. As it stands she will be evaluated today by her surgeon on how she is doing and will go on from there. She still can't pick baby and car seat up and is at the mercy of her chauffeur (sister) for another week at least, hopefully she will spend this time resting an relaxing at home.

Speaking of baby shower it took BFF 3 hours to unwrap all the baby gifts yesterday LOL my little god son is going to be a fashion plate for awhile with all the outfits he got and I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one to purchase various sizes not just new born sizes so I think the little D man is set, mommy and daddy just need to find a place to put all the clothes.

I have literally gotten no stitch done for the past 2 weeks.....well actually I finished 2 train pictures but I have made little to no progress on MLOTS I've just been so busy and I have been trying to catch up on my house work that no stitching has occurred. I will be working on more cleaning tonight so hopefully tomorrow I can start back at MLOTS. I did manage to take WIP pics of newest train pic and MLOTS and the two finishes so if I remember I will post them tomorrow.