Thursday, March 19, 2009

Touching Base

Well it was my intention to post a few days ago but I've come down with a flu/cold bug that has knocked me on my ass, looking at a computer screen is pure torture and because I know myself very well I haven't touched either of my cross stitch projects all week.....I just don't feel like tearing everything out again LOL because it will be loaded with mistakes.

Anyway before I got sick I had taken a pause from my current projects to stitch on something new, I was worried that if I didn't take a break I would put myself in a stitching slump and I didn't want that to happen. As it turned out stitching on two different WIP worked wonders and now I am refreshed and ready to go on MLOTS and Iced Tea - LHN again. My two replacement pics were Found - HAED and Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine, I made a nice dent into both of them, my goal wasn't to finish a page or a section I just wanted to stitch on something. When I get a chance I will upload updated WIP photos, till then bye for now.

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