Monday, April 27, 2009

MLOTS update

I continue to make great head wave on MLOTS, I finished the left hand, owl and long blue ribbon this weekend, which was great. I was actually hoping to finish all these parts during the week but it just didn't happen I don't think I even pick up the pattern. Any ho, I have some stitching left on her bodice and then I can move over to the right and finish the final bit of cape unfortunately it is b5200 and metallic pearl all the way through it so it's slow going but I think it will look great, there are a couple spots I need to complete as well near here hips but they shouldn't take to long, I would say that maybe by late next week I should be into the beading part of this pattern.

I hope to post an up to date picture later this week

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smoking Needle

I have been stitching like a maniac on MLOTS and have been able to finish 2 sections this week WOOT WOOT, and for that reason I haven't been blogging or really read many blogs. I am on a mission to complete this pattern by mid May instead of the end which was my original plan.

And then instead of starting a new pattern I have decided that I really want to complete some more of my WIP before starting any new pattern so I will be starting back onto CdC once MLOTS is completed.

On that note I better get back to work.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching Up

Just dropping a line to say I'm still around I've just been too exhausted to blog, the change in the weather has made me really sleepy at work and home.

I have been very slowly been plugging away on train and home WIP so I don't really have much to show for my stitching just yet but I'm hoping I can finish a section on MLOTS this weekend and actually remember to post the picture.

Have a good weekend everyone

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally some Xstitch photos

I was finally able to upload my photos after having such a busy weekend I didn't think it was doable.

This weekend I wasn't really into stitching on MLOTS so I pulled out a quick stitch project called Dog Hair by My Big Toe with JABC buttons which were interesting to add since I've never worked with buttons before, this pattern took me about 10 hours, is explains my stitching quite clearly, no matter how hard I try Pookie's hair always seem to get on my stitching, she doesn't even sit beside me when I stitch but it still gets on it. LOL.

and here is my other finish, Iced Tea with the bleedy thread problem I had with it, I'm hoping my fiddling with it will mellow the effect, I like the effect just not as much as the right side is showing.

and now here are all my WIP I have worked on the last 2 weeks.

This is Santa Paws Biscornu by Szulet Creations I was working on it in January but couldn't get motivated so I put it away till last week, I work on it in the morning on the train.

This is Peacock Lady from one of my UK magazines I think this is a Maria Diaz design of a 1920's woman in a peacock feather skirt. I love the vibrate blues and greens. I will be adding DMC light effects to the border and skirt so hopeful I don't have too much trouble with that. I work on this pattern on the afternoon train.

This is what I accomplished on Egyptian Garden 2 weeks ago when I worked on it, not much was done but I'm happy with it.
here is what I accomplished on Found 2 weeks ago, I know it looks like a mess but it's turning out beautifully I can now see the silhouette of the baby dragons feet. I have decided that I MUST complete this pattern this year.

and here is MLOTS after I completed the light/medium blue section I was working on last week, this picture is really coming together and I will probably be finished the stitching at least but the end of May if I stick to it, but some days I just don't feel like stitching.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

God I feel like crap.

I am now over my cold/flu but I still feel like crap, I have this weird stomach ache that makes eating something I'm just not interested in but my stomach still growls. And even worse I've been very lazy of late I just don't feel like doing anything, with the exception of some cross stitch. Now maybe because I feel lazy or am bored, I have no idea why but I basically disregarding my entire schedule of patterns for the rest of the year and have decided to just work in the moment, I even deleted by rough schedule of pictures to complete next year so I am very much free in what I do, the only thought in my head though is to cut down on my WIP, I feel bad about starting new patterns if there are still WIP that still exist....I want to be free to start what I want when I want so that is how I'm going to act for the rest of the year.

I am still plugging away on My Lady of the Snow which I am still enjoying very much, it is definitely coming together. I finished Iced Tea and accidentally made the threads bleed oops :0) but it actually looks rather nice so I'm not to fussed about it, I am going to try and lessen the effect on the right side but other then that I'm happy with it. I will be making Iced Tea into a pin keep once I find some fabric that calls to me for it. I had originally purchased some orange/tan type fabric but it's not calling to me anymore. I started Peacock Lady which is a magazine pattern from World of Cross Stitch and have decided to finish off Santa Paws biscornu by Barbara Ann Designs both of these patterns are being done on my train commute. I also feel like doing a quick finish so this weekend I will start and complete Dog Hair by My Big Toe, which will either be a flat fold or a pinkeep it all depends on how big it becomes and how high off the pattern the buttons are since this will be the first time I finish a pattern that needs buttons (not beads) so I don't know what to expect.

Well I know I promised some photos last time but I forgot so hopefully this weekend (or sooner) I can download the load of pictures I currently have on my camera and post some WIP and finishes. Till next time.