Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

God I feel like crap.

I am now over my cold/flu but I still feel like crap, I have this weird stomach ache that makes eating something I'm just not interested in but my stomach still growls. And even worse I've been very lazy of late I just don't feel like doing anything, with the exception of some cross stitch. Now maybe because I feel lazy or am bored, I have no idea why but I basically disregarding my entire schedule of patterns for the rest of the year and have decided to just work in the moment, I even deleted by rough schedule of pictures to complete next year so I am very much free in what I do, the only thought in my head though is to cut down on my WIP, I feel bad about starting new patterns if there are still WIP that still exist....I want to be free to start what I want when I want so that is how I'm going to act for the rest of the year.

I am still plugging away on My Lady of the Snow which I am still enjoying very much, it is definitely coming together. I finished Iced Tea and accidentally made the threads bleed oops :0) but it actually looks rather nice so I'm not to fussed about it, I am going to try and lessen the effect on the right side but other then that I'm happy with it. I will be making Iced Tea into a pin keep once I find some fabric that calls to me for it. I had originally purchased some orange/tan type fabric but it's not calling to me anymore. I started Peacock Lady which is a magazine pattern from World of Cross Stitch and have decided to finish off Santa Paws biscornu by Barbara Ann Designs both of these patterns are being done on my train commute. I also feel like doing a quick finish so this weekend I will start and complete Dog Hair by My Big Toe, which will either be a flat fold or a pinkeep it all depends on how big it becomes and how high off the pattern the buttons are since this will be the first time I finish a pattern that needs buttons (not beads) so I don't know what to expect.

Well I know I promised some photos last time but I forgot so hopefully this weekend (or sooner) I can download the load of pictures I currently have on my camera and post some WIP and finishes. Till next time.

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