Monday, May 4, 2009


I have decided to venture into parking thread on a HAED. I am getting to the confetti part of my current HAED and am trying every way I can to stay focused on the task since confetti stitching is such a pain in the ass. So what I plan on doing is start parking at row 2 horizontal (since I've already finished row 1) of the page I'm working on and stay within the 10x10 block and work down the page basically keeping every column a separate task from each other, this way I won't have to jump too many empty squares and the loose thread definitely won't get in my way, which has been one of my biggest concerns about parking is getting a massive ball of knots at the end of a page. Where ever possible I also plan on tucking the thread under already done stitches and if I have to jump over empty space when I stitch over that section later I will make sure the jumped thread gets stitched over .....if that made any sense LOL

Currently finishing up empty spots on MLOTS before working on the right side cape which is almost completely B5200 and PB10 blending which seems to get picky after awhile, so I am taking my time and enjoying the final moments of this picture.

By for now.

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Dawn said...

I have to agree with you that confetti stitching is a huge pain in the rump!