Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I just realized I've only posted once this month and we are almost half way through the month so I figured I should let everyone know what's been going on.

I haven't really been stitching much on Found - HAED I've been sleeping or reading on the train. I won't force the issue and I'm okay with that, it is a long weekend this weekend (Victoria Day) so I will pull out Found and work on it at home and hopefully finish the section I'm working on.

On MLOTS I am in the final stretch I just have the white back portion of the cape and then it's just the beading, I image I could be finished the cape by Tuesday, since my 2 favorite shows are on today and tomorrow so I will be glued to the TV and can get a lot done but I won't rush myself I will just let it happen.

I hand delivered my best friend's first Mother's Day gift from her son on Sunday LOL. I told her I was doing my god mother duty by purchasing a gift on behalf of her son, she thought it was pretty funny that I did this, now I just have to think of a father's day gift for her husband. I really am enjoying being a godmother.

Pookie has to go get her teeth cleaned by the vet, this would be no big deal but since she has a heart condition and has to be put under anesthetic there is a chance she will die. I have been pretty quiet about this because I don't want to think about her dying and I've definitely have had a few sleepless nights thinking about it, if there was anyway around it I won't have her teeth cleaned but as the vet said 'would you rather her die of old age or because of bad teeth?' and she's right I want Pookie's last years to be as enjoyable as possible not with her in pain and since she can't tell us if her teeth hurt how do we know if she's in pain already. Small dogs apparently have really bad teeth and Pookie doesn't eat milk bones so we know her teeth aren't as clean as they should be. The vet is really excited about the heart meds Pookie is currently on, she says her heart beat is really solid and that is a great sign. Pookie's appointment is on June 5th and I've taken the day off work because there is no way I can concentrate at work until she is safe and sound at home.

So from this point forward I will not be talking about the appointment at all since I'm quite worried about it and really don't want to think about it but obviously on June 5 or 6 I will post what happened

Thanks again for listening.

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