Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pookie & CdC

I don't know why I just don't rename my blog something like 'the life of Pookie' since I talk about her so much LOL. Well, we have cancelled Pookie's teeth cleaning indefinitely. Last Friday we took her in to get checked out because of her being sick, the vet said her heart was fine and that she just wasn't handling the heat well "really no kidding, we couldn't figure that out ourselves". So we got her some bland food, some medicine to stop her loose stool, and we fiddled with her antibiotics and we also decide that Monday was too soon for the cleaning so we switched it to yesterday.

Well Sunday was a disaster!!!!!! #1 we woke up late so we were late with not one but two of her heart meds. #2 she didn't like the medicine for her loose stool, it's basically a vanilla scented cream that you put on her tongue, well I put it on her lips and nose because she wouldn't open her month and she refused to lick it off so then I had to take a wash cloth to her face and clean it off, well she was so pissed off at me she started to leave the room every time she saw me, she again refused to eat or drink which was because she was upset. She didn't throw up, she just worked herself into a tizzy, and then out of the blue she FAINTED which she hasn't done since January when we found out about her heart condition and got her on medication.

So on Monday I called the vet and as soon as she heard about the fainting from her receptionist she called me right back at work, so we cancelled Wednesday's teeth cleaning and the vet doesn't want to discuss the cleaning for at least 2 weeks and she wants Pookie to be healthy for at least 1 whole week before any date is chosen. She figured Pookie's blood sugar was low and her anxiety level was high which is why she fainted. At the end of the conversation the vet said maybe doing Pookie's teeth isn't such a good idea after all, she said we can either have an alive Pookie with potential bad teeth or we can have a possible dead Pookie with white, clean teeth, at the end of the day is it worth it.....HELL NO. As my co-worker pointed out Pookie's health is unstable so there is no guarantee we can even have a full week of her being in tip top condition. I'm not saying Pookie is throwing up everyday but some days she is sad and doesn't eat, some days she throws up, some days she hides under the bed and wants to be left alone and some days she is like a puppy all excited and jumping around like a mad woman, so any one of these scenarios might affect her health under anesthetic. So I think we have basically decided that Pookie is going to live out the remainder of her life as is.

Now don't get me wrong if there is a problem with her teeth I'm going to do all I can to help her. I have heard that there is a holistic remedy for dealing with tartar on your dogs teeth, which is 100% natural, so I will go to the local pet store and the holistic pet store that opened up last year and see if either one of them have the produce and ask for information on it and then I'm going to talk to the vet to make sure none of the ingredients will react to Pookie's medication and give it a try. I don't expect it to be a cure for tartar but I figure every little bit helps and we will just go on from there enjoying Pookie for as long as we have her.

I have been working on CdC this week and I'm two tiny swirls away from finishing page 6 YAH!!! 2 pages down 4 to go. I am really enjoying this picture now that I have figured out a technique to use on this type of pattern, which is do the outer circle first then whatever is inside, before I was working on the circles as a whole and jumping from one corner section to the other and with a variegated thread it winds up being very mess. I'm also not even going to venture a guess on when I'll be finished this picture because it's so unique and enjoyable that I'm just soaking it in and can't believe I took so long to find the fun in this picture, if you know what I mean. But I have decided to push off HAED - Found for a later time so instead of working on it once CdC is finished I'm going to work on Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine instead, for some reason I keep on coming across people's blogs with the WIP of various Chatelaine which is making me jealous about not work on mine, so I've picked a section of the picture I want to finish and I'll work up to that point and then switch to HAED - Found.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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