Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blogging for a year

As of July 21st I have been blogging for a year and I must say I am definitely in a better frame of mind then I was last year. Thank God, which was basically why I started the blog which was to bitch to complete strangers because I didn't have the gut to bitch to my family (I also didn't think they would listen) and of course to show and talk about my xstitch.

Not all my problems have gone away but I'm happy to say I can look at them with a different frame of mind. I have also grown to the point where I can look at these said problems and know that they aren't my fault or my responsibility to fix them and for that I can thank my best friend Janelle for giving me the biggest pep talk in our 20 year friendship, every time I get down in the dumps I'm reminded about certain things she said and it lightens my spirit. I have also learned not to be a door mat which unfortunately my family (specifically one person) has been doing to me for years.

OK enough of my moping. I made great progress on Peacock Lady during my vacation and just have the skirt and 1/2 the back stitching to finish this week and hopefully by next Saturday I will be doing the beading and since Monday is a holiday (BC day) I can spend all day dealing with last minute details if I didn't finish the beading by then. Unfortunately we are having a major heat snap right now so my fingers are so sweaty they are actually sticking together so it makes stitching interesting and slow, so I might have to stitch in the bathroom LOL because that is the only cool room in the house.

We had a great mother nature light show last night; we had dry lightening with pink and yellow hues to them, it was pretty impressive. I stood out in the rain just to cool off and loved every minute of it, well I'm done babbling for now. I hope next time I can show you the finished picture of Peacock Lady.

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