Thursday, July 2, 2009


It was going so well working on CdC ........For some reason the speed in which I was whipping through the skeins of floss got me a little concerned, I am using Trick or Treat threads from Weeks Dye Works. So I pulled out the CdC pattern and reread what the instructions said, it says the model was stitched on 14 count using 9 skeins that are 8.7 yards each....oops my mistake just screamed at me.

I am doing this pattern on 22 count and I purchased 9 skeins of WdW thread and they are only 5 yards, so even though the count is smaller there is no way I have enough thread, I currently have 3 skeins left and 3 complete pages still to work on. I was so pissed off. Now the problem is when I order new skeins will they be the same dye lot??? on first glance I'm not that worried because the thread is of 4 different colors so I can mix and match the threads so that the same color (say orange) from the old never touches the new, I would start stitching with one of the other colors. I also have a couple other techniques to try if this one doesn't work out and some ladies on a cross stitch board offered other suggestions so please cross your fingers that one of these scenarios works out.

I have stopped stitching the pattern until the new threads arrive so I can compare the threads before continuing on. So now I am working solely on Peacock Lady I just want to finish a picture now because of this screw up and she is the closest to that.

Thanks for listening.

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