Friday, July 31, 2009

Part 2

Well I remembered that I told myself I would be posting pictures of my WIP every day or second day come August 1st well since that is tomorrow I thought I'd better update the blog with what I've come up with.

So I plugged in my camera and uploaded all the pictures I have on it now and I'm now going to start with a clean slate tomorrow. But with this heat wave I'm not sure how much progress I'm going to get done, so I will surprise you tomorrow with what I got done LOL which will probably be nothing. I have also decided I will post pictures every second day so there is more of a chance that some progress is noticeable in the pictures LOL.

Because I have no WIP to show you yet I wll leave you with a Pookie picture, I wrap her every night with a wet wash cloth so she can stay cool.

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