Monday, August 31, 2009

Scroll Bars

I just don't get them! I have a 6x12" set and it's one of the ones with a split down the centre so you can slide your fabric inside instead of tacking it on which I thought would be the easiest style but I'm not sure.

I am always worried of getting slivers in the fabric because of the sliding and then when I add the end pieces and roll the bars up I can never get the proper tension and the bars are so bulky with all the fabric rolled up onto them and it most definitely never works out the way I see other ladies scroll bars.......Am I missing something??? maybe the type I have are crap maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can anybody enlighten me on what to do with scroll bars.

I wanted to put Egyptian Garden from Chatelaine on it so I could work on larger sections at a time but obviously that didn't work out, but the silver lining of the situation is I tried my 11x17 qsnaps instead, I had originally purchased them for my HAED but found then too big & bulky when working on then from the 11" side up and 17" to side (if that makes sense) but now with the Chatelaine if I lay the snaps like a scroll bar with the 17" section at the top it gives be a greater area to work on and the section I'm currently doing fit right into that area so I think it will work out and I also think I can use this technique for HAED

Well I've been plugging away on all my pictures this past weekend and will definitely need to take an up to date photo soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm annoyed

I am really annoyed!!!! Remember the post with my current WIP Madonnna of the Garden by Mirabilia well I completed the archway to the other side and as I was doing the pillar section I thought I should double check that everything lines up......well guess what it DOESN'T.....crap crap and double crap.

I was one line out, now normally I would just make it work but since it's the border around the whole design I wasn't sure how many times this problem would create havoc with the pattern so I decided that I had to find the error and deal with it. I counted and counted and couldn't find the error and I was getting so pissed off that I decided to get my mom to find the error and after 30 mins she found it I actually made the error at the start of the pillar on the left basically from the get go it was wrong. So now I am slowly ripping it out and working on the baby and blanket instead. I guess my lesson is never do the border in open space unless I have gridded the design first or I have done quite a bit of stitching leading up to the border so I have more then one place to line things up to.

In other news I finished page 4 of CdC and will post a picture in a day or too.

And in personal news I have cut pop out of my diet and I'm not having a great time of it which probably explains why I got so pissed off about the error in my picture. It has been about 2 1/2 days and today is the first day I haven't had a caffeine headache. I think it's time to lose some weight and I figure pop is definitely something I'm going to have to get rid of before any results can occur . Wish me luck....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally a Happy Dance

Well it's been a while since my last post but I'm happy to say it was with good reason, I have 2 HD!!!! Peacock Lady was a struggle at the end but it’s done. I am soooo reminded on how much I dislike back stitching because of this picture LOL I don’t know why it takes so long to do it compared to regular stitching.

Fairy Celebration #1 is finished as well and it was a breeze to finish I just had to give it some of my time.

I have now finished my quota for the year which is 10 pictures completed so anything that is finished from here on out is a bonus and since I still have 4 more pictures I’m hoping to finish this year I’m quite impressed with myself. So right now I am just winging it with my train pictures since nothing is set in stone anymore. So in between working on the rest of the fairy celebration patterns I’ve been working on some of my older WIP and giving them some face time with the goal to eventually not have anymore WIP. I worked a little bit on Egyptian Garden until my eyes started hurting after doing so much one over one on 32 count {the pond & fish} and while doing that I realized that when I move to the second and third levels on this picture I’ve going to run into problems with it on the train since some times I don’t get much elbow room and it could become quite cumbersome, so I think I’m going to keep this picture at home from now on and I might even try it out on my scroll bars which I haven't really used for anything yet, I’m not a big fan of scroll bars but I think that might be because I haven’t truly figured them out yet. LOL.

Then I moved onto Quaker Christmas which I’m doing over one on 25 count. I really enjoyed it I really like the different size motifs so I can jump all over the place if I wanted too I was doing alright until I did the angel in yellow I’m not sure if I like the color and my mom’s not a fan either so I’ve put it aside so I can look at it with fresh eyes and decided what to do about it later. What I might do is just continue and finish the page and then make a decision. I find with natural light it looks fine but with inside house lights it’s awful and completely blends into the fabric, if I have to change it I’m going to have to think long and hard in what yellow I want to switch it to since the other colors are variegated so I will want to stay consistent.

Right now I'm working on Madonna of the Garden, it’s been awhile since I worked on her. I am currently working on the border that surrounds the pattern and the pillar border ‘thingy’ behind Madonna I have decided to do it this way so if I chose to jump around on the pattern the border will let me do this, it will also give me a better perspective of the picture so it doesn't look so daunting.

Here is the latest progress picture.

Thanks for stopping by off to work on CdC

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Please!!!!!

So I tell myself I'm going to post every two days to keep updated on my WIP HAHAHA, that lasted ONE ENTRY.

My only defence is I was sick, pookie was sick and house work took over my life. As it stands I am 3/4 finished back stitching on Peacock Lady and I just have half a head and part of the upper wing to finish on Fairy Celebration #1. I potentially could be finished by the weekend but I'm not going to say that because things happen.

I have also reevaluated Fairy Celebration (all 4 of them actually) I was originally going to do the fairies and their borders but I had an epiphany while working on it this weekend...... I envisioned #1 which has purple and pink thread called Warm Fuzzy by Carrie Creations smelling like lavender so I have decided I must make them into potpourri pillow with smells to match the threads, now I don't want humongous pillow so I'm now only going to do the fairies which will still make the pillow various sizes because #3 is a tall fairy and #4 is a wide fairy. Now all I will need to do is sew them up and add potpourri when they are finished I am so looking forward to this idea coming alive.

Now I have a question for my blogger friends, when making potpourri pillows is there a lining inside the pillows?

Since some potpourri could stain the aida with color or have natural oils that might leak through (#3 fairy will be orange so I'll want orange potpourri) and since I'm using Carrie threads which bleed it's not like I'm going to be able to wash the pillows when this happens or when I refresh the potpourri. What do you do?

Thanks for your assistance, until next time when I might actually remember to take pictures LOL.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Update

Well it's time for another update on my current WIP

I work on Fairy Celebration #1 on the train and I think I made very good progress these past two days much more than I got done last week. If I keep this speed up I hope I can finish it by this weekend and if I keep the same speed for the other celebrations I hope I can complete each after 2 weeks intervals on each.

As for Peacock Lady, it doesn't look like I've gotten much done but I actually have, there are about 6 colors per feather and I've now done 4 of them so obviously there are only the remaining two colors and a couple spots where I've missed stitches to go and then the back stitching which will just be the skirt, peacock, table, leg, shoe and the peacock feathers with sprigs flying out of feathers. I'm hoping I can complete the back stitch by Friday and then complete the beading on Saturday. So finger crossed 2 more pictures soon to be finished which will bring the total number of projects finished this year to 10 which is actually my goal and that doesn't count the other 3 fairy celebrations or Cirque des Circles which I intend to finish this year as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Post

I have now taking updated pictures of Fairy Celebration #1 by Passione Ricamo. I am using Warm Fuzzy threads by Carrie Creation. It is actually a quite fun piece and I love the thread it is actually working out better then what I thought it would be.

and here is Peacock Lady. I have done all the metallic and back stitching on the top half of the picture which is covered by the hoop and I only have the peacock feathers, bottom half back stitching and beading to do now. The peacock feathers are a little picky which is why it's taking me so long but I think I'm getting the hang of it now.

Thanks for looking