Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Update

Well it's time for another update on my current WIP

I work on Fairy Celebration #1 on the train and I think I made very good progress these past two days much more than I got done last week. If I keep this speed up I hope I can finish it by this weekend and if I keep the same speed for the other celebrations I hope I can complete each after 2 weeks intervals on each.

As for Peacock Lady, it doesn't look like I've gotten much done but I actually have, there are about 6 colors per feather and I've now done 4 of them so obviously there are only the remaining two colors and a couple spots where I've missed stitches to go and then the back stitching which will just be the skirt, peacock, table, leg, shoe and the peacock feathers with sprigs flying out of feathers. I'm hoping I can complete the back stitch by Friday and then complete the beading on Saturday. So finger crossed 2 more pictures soon to be finished which will bring the total number of projects finished this year to 10 which is actually my goal and that doesn't count the other 3 fairy celebrations or Cirque des Circles which I intend to finish this year as well.

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