Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally a Happy Dance

Well it's been a while since my last post but I'm happy to say it was with good reason, I have 2 HD!!!! Peacock Lady was a struggle at the end but it’s done. I am soooo reminded on how much I dislike back stitching because of this picture LOL I don’t know why it takes so long to do it compared to regular stitching.

Fairy Celebration #1 is finished as well and it was a breeze to finish I just had to give it some of my time.

I have now finished my quota for the year which is 10 pictures completed so anything that is finished from here on out is a bonus and since I still have 4 more pictures I’m hoping to finish this year I’m quite impressed with myself. So right now I am just winging it with my train pictures since nothing is set in stone anymore. So in between working on the rest of the fairy celebration patterns I’ve been working on some of my older WIP and giving them some face time with the goal to eventually not have anymore WIP. I worked a little bit on Egyptian Garden until my eyes started hurting after doing so much one over one on 32 count {the pond & fish} and while doing that I realized that when I move to the second and third levels on this picture I’ve going to run into problems with it on the train since some times I don’t get much elbow room and it could become quite cumbersome, so I think I’m going to keep this picture at home from now on and I might even try it out on my scroll bars which I haven't really used for anything yet, I’m not a big fan of scroll bars but I think that might be because I haven’t truly figured them out yet. LOL.

Then I moved onto Quaker Christmas which I’m doing over one on 25 count. I really enjoyed it I really like the different size motifs so I can jump all over the place if I wanted too I was doing alright until I did the angel in yellow I’m not sure if I like the color and my mom’s not a fan either so I’ve put it aside so I can look at it with fresh eyes and decided what to do about it later. What I might do is just continue and finish the page and then make a decision. I find with natural light it looks fine but with inside house lights it’s awful and completely blends into the fabric, if I have to change it I’m going to have to think long and hard in what yellow I want to switch it to since the other colors are variegated so I will want to stay consistent.

Right now I'm working on Madonna of the Garden, it’s been awhile since I worked on her. I am currently working on the border that surrounds the pattern and the pillar border ‘thingy’ behind Madonna I have decided to do it this way so if I chose to jump around on the pattern the border will let me do this, it will also give me a better perspective of the picture so it doesn't look so daunting.

Here is the latest progress picture.

Thanks for stopping by off to work on CdC

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