Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Please!!!!!

So I tell myself I'm going to post every two days to keep updated on my WIP HAHAHA, that lasted ONE ENTRY.

My only defence is I was sick, pookie was sick and house work took over my life. As it stands I am 3/4 finished back stitching on Peacock Lady and I just have half a head and part of the upper wing to finish on Fairy Celebration #1. I potentially could be finished by the weekend but I'm not going to say that because things happen.

I have also reevaluated Fairy Celebration (all 4 of them actually) I was originally going to do the fairies and their borders but I had an epiphany while working on it this weekend...... I envisioned #1 which has purple and pink thread called Warm Fuzzy by Carrie Creations smelling like lavender so I have decided I must make them into potpourri pillow with smells to match the threads, now I don't want humongous pillow so I'm now only going to do the fairies which will still make the pillow various sizes because #3 is a tall fairy and #4 is a wide fairy. Now all I will need to do is sew them up and add potpourri when they are finished I am so looking forward to this idea coming alive.

Now I have a question for my blogger friends, when making potpourri pillows is there a lining inside the pillows?

Since some potpourri could stain the aida with color or have natural oils that might leak through (#3 fairy will be orange so I'll want orange potpourri) and since I'm using Carrie threads which bleed it's not like I'm going to be able to wash the pillows when this happens or when I refresh the potpourri. What do you do?

Thanks for your assistance, until next time when I might actually remember to take pictures LOL.

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