Monday, August 31, 2009

Scroll Bars

I just don't get them! I have a 6x12" set and it's one of the ones with a split down the centre so you can slide your fabric inside instead of tacking it on which I thought would be the easiest style but I'm not sure.

I am always worried of getting slivers in the fabric because of the sliding and then when I add the end pieces and roll the bars up I can never get the proper tension and the bars are so bulky with all the fabric rolled up onto them and it most definitely never works out the way I see other ladies scroll bars.......Am I missing something??? maybe the type I have are crap maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can anybody enlighten me on what to do with scroll bars.

I wanted to put Egyptian Garden from Chatelaine on it so I could work on larger sections at a time but obviously that didn't work out, but the silver lining of the situation is I tried my 11x17 qsnaps instead, I had originally purchased them for my HAED but found then too big & bulky when working on then from the 11" side up and 17" to side (if that makes sense) but now with the Chatelaine if I lay the snaps like a scroll bar with the 17" section at the top it gives be a greater area to work on and the section I'm currently doing fit right into that area so I think it will work out and I also think I can use this technique for HAED

Well I've been plugging away on all my pictures this past weekend and will definitely need to take an up to date photo soon.


Snip said...

Hi there. Glad to have found your blog. I also started with one of those scroll frames where you slide the fabric in and found it very difficult to use. I also tried q-snaps and found them bulky. I now use a scroll frame where you sew on your fabric. It takes a bit of extra time, but is really worth it! I have an 18 inch scroll frame that attaches to a lap frame. I got it from the Button Shop in Victoria and just love it. They have a website and do mail orders. I have a link to their shop in the right sidebar of my blog if you're curious and would like to see photos of the frames they carry. They are not paying me to say this, lol! I hope you find the perfect frame that fits your needs!

robin said...

i have recently purchased a few of these scroll frames. some have the fabric on them some do not. i cant figure out how to use any of them to keep my fabric tight. can someone please explain this to me? my email is